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Review by: Michael Stern

Caffeine Virtue

I don’t seek out places devoted to eating that is mindful, healthful, organic, etc. But sometimes I find myself in one. Occasionally, that makes me happy. In the case of Openroad, I become a partisan for culinary virtue. This high-minded outfit serves artisan coffee from beans that are “organically grown without chemical fertilizers and pesticides.” It also makes a few mighty tasty bites to accompany that coffee.

Choose medium roast, dark roast, or French roast. Or latte, cappuccino, or machiato. If you crave something cool, consider a frio. For that, they blend coffee with whatever flavor you desire. The caramel, chocolate, and vanilla all are house-made. Berries, bananas, mango and even kale and spinach find their way into healthful smoothies.

To Eat

Do not come to Openroad Coffee & Tea looking for a sit-down, knife-and-fork meal. The food menu is minimal. For lunch, they make ready-to-go sandwiches. Of course, ingredients are all-natural and bread is locally baked. I recommend turkey & avocado with spinach on cranberry walnut bread.

Stand-Out Scones

Breakfast offerings tend to be somewhat Spartan in character. But Spartan doesn’t mean bad. In fact, I am thrilled to accompany my red-eye coffee with a cinnamon roll that does not need a heap of frosting to be delicious. A biscuit sandwiches locally sourced eggs. The menu promises rBST-free cheese in that sandwich. (rBST is bovine growth hormone.) Openroad scones win my heart. Whichever kind you get, it pops with flavor. Lemon-cherry is a harmonic haymaker. Pumpkin spice is an autumnal triumph. There are honey-walnut, raspberry, triple berry, etc. Tender texture makes these scones memorable. Within a thin, crisp crust, they are creamy rather than crumbly. That makes them easily dunkable without disintegration.

Nice Folks

Such a happy place. And not just because of its caffeine-induced artisan coffee vibe. The staff I met are ebullient folks, delighted to be serving some of the best coffee and pastries for miles around.

What To Eat

Cherry Lemon Scone

Cinnamon Roll

Pumpkin Spice Scone

Turkey Sandwich



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