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Review by: Michael Stern

Bright Taste of Key West

Key West does not lack colorful eateries. Fisherman’s Cafe ranks among the jolliest. A Key West locals’ favorite, it delivers true Conch Republic ambience along with a menu of regional delights.

Dine al Fresco

To call it a cafe tests the meaning of the word. Don’t look for any indoor seats. You’ll find only a few outdoor tables. They’re positioned between the shack’s walk-up order window and the Lazy Way footpath along Key West’s Seaport. Whether you plan to eat at one of those tables or take it elsewhere, all food comes in a brown paper bag, to go.

Lunch: Seafood and More

At lunch, the menu features such local seafood favorites as conch salad, a hogfish sandwich, Florida lobster tacos, and pink shrimp. Those who don’t want seafood can choose a hamburger or a vegetarian black bean burger. Something called an Island Bowl consists of beans, pico de gallo, avocado, and jalapenos. To make it into a hearty meal, get it topped with steak, pork, chicken, or chorizo sausage. On the side, yuca fries and fried plantains are stand-outs.

Breakfast Is the Best Meal of the Day

Fisherman’s Cafe is an especially happy place early in the morning. As the Seaport wakes up, its character as a Key West locals’ favorite blossoms. Starting at 7am. The breakfast menu offers a marvelous breakfast Cuban. That’s a break-of-day variation of a traditional Cuban mix. It contains roast pork and chorizo, Swiss cheese and eggs, black bean spread, and a sprinkle of green onions. A less grand alternative breakfast sandwich is sesame guava toast: guava paste and cream cheese on sesame seed-dotted, press-toasted Cuban bread.

Coffee Choices

Key West coffee is terrific. Choose from among regular American coffee, cafe con leche, and powerhouse shots of bold Cuban coffee, known as bucci.

What To Eat

Breakfast Cubano

Cuban Coffee

Guava Toast


Fisherman’s Cafe | Best Key West Locals’ Favorite Recipes


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