Eaton Street Seafood

Review by: Michael Stern

Eat Local!

Eaton Street Seafood Market sells locally caught seafood to buy, take home, and cook. It also provides visitors the opportunity to sit and eat some of the most delicious seafood meals in Key West, including stone crabs

Don’t expect deluxe dining. On the contrary, casual service and dining make it a comfy place for everyone. Place your order at the counter, pay, and get a number. Find a seat on the sunny patio. Now wait for the food to be delivered. It all comes in cardboard boats that you dispose of when you have finished.

Decisions to Be Made

The menu’s many inviting options present a dilemma: What to choose? Select any of the fish in the case. They will grill it, fry it, or blacken it and roll it in soft tortillas to become fish tacos. Depending on the catch, the available fish might include grouper, hogfish, snapper, or pink shrimp. Count on regal lobster rolls any time: Buttered and grilled top-loading buns contain big hunks of sweet meat cosseted in mayonnaise. On the side, conch fritters will remind your taste buds of grand oceanic hushpuppies. I also love Eaton Street’s smoked fish dip with Cuban crackers, conch ceviche, and Buffalo shrimp with blue cheese.

Star of the Menu

Stone crab season begins mid-October. Prepare to spend some money if you want them. Stone crab lovers do not flinch at spending something like $50 for a modest order. Eaton Street Seafood presents the formidable pink-and-black claws served cool and cracked. ready to eat. Their meat vaguely resembles the tenderest imaginable lump crab. Pull it from the claw in big, silken hunks that are moist and ocean-pure. They want no adornment. But you do get a ramekin of sweet/tangy Key lime mustard sauce. It’s stone crabs’ natural friend. In fact, I like this sauce so much that when the stone crab was gone, I used it as a dip for conch fritters and French fries.

Yes, you will find all kinds of fancier, excellent meals in Key West. But you won’t find seafood any better.

Note: Eaton Street delivers anywhere in Key West.

What To Eat

Stone Crab

Lobster Roll

Conch Fritters

Key Lime Mustard Sauce


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