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Review by: Michael Stern

Looking for a Burger in Barberton

Foodies know Barberton, Ohio, for its unique way with fried chicken dinner. Roadfood devotees also think of it as home to spectacular, under-the-radar eastern European food, especially at Al’s Corner Restaurant and its associated Al’s Quality Market. But suppose you crave a hamburger. Not just any old hamburger, but what many consider to be the best burger in Barberton.

Hamburger Excellence

Burger lover, count your blessings. Barberton is home of a friendly tavern called Hodge’s Cafe. In this place, hand-fashioned half-pound pillows of ground beef dressed to a fare-thee-well meet the standard of hamburger excellence.

Priced below $10 and cooked “medium” (yet juicy enough), these burgers do not fit in the gourmet category. On the other hand, they exceed anything you’ll find in a fast food restaurant.

“Everything” means ketchup, mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, onion, and pickles. Beyond condiments, you’ll find burgers topped with bacon, of course, as well as all sorts of different cheeses, BBQ sauces, Reuben sandwich ingredients, or everything you’d expect in a breakfast sandwich.

A Full Menu

The best burger in Barberton puts Hodge’s Cafe on the map; but its menu offers so much more. Burger-frowners can choose a meal ranging from deep-fried hot dogs to liver & onions, to chicken salad made with a choice of breaded or grilled chicken.

They hand-cut French fries every day, and they do know how to fry them. Or you might consider savory wedge fries, which provide a garlic/onion halo for ordinary spuds.

Only In Ohio

Be sure to have some sauerkraut balls, especially if you are sitting at the bar and craving something to munch. An hors d’oeuvre unique to central and southern Ohio, these little deep-fried spheres pack distinct tang – just the thirst-enhancer you want when drinking beer, cocktails, or soda pop.

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