Crawfish & Noodles

Review by: Michael Stern

What to order at Crawfish & Noodles? That’s easy: crawfish and noodles, but not on the same plate. The menu at this extremely popular Houston destination restaurant has two halves: One presents Vietnamese fare (where the noodles are); the other celebrates Cajun classics.

Not that miscegenation doesn’t happen. Viet Cajun crawfish are themselves typically seasoned, but they come with dipping sauce that is sweet and spicy with an herbal tang. Crabs fairly glow when flavored with tamarind seasoning. Fish sauce or Asian honey-garlic seasoning gives chicken wings a character very different from familiar bar food. Crawfish elevates fried rice into the luxury category.

Crawfish are seasonal. They’re Cajun country’s pride in the Spring and early Summer. You’ll always be able to order such other Cajun fare as oysters, shrimp, crabs, and catfish.

The Vietnamese side of the menu is in full play year-around. Fine-brothed pho includes silky rice noodles. Oxtail, goat, or seafood star in the kitchen’s hot pots. Forget the more typical Italian flavor of calamari. Here complex herbal seasoning gives it a whole new flavor.

Having been featured on a few TV food shows, Crawfish & Noodles can get very crowded, especially on weekends.

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