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Review by: Michael Stern

Grab the Stick

What a welcoming place! It’s bright and playful, and co-proprietor Mark Taylor makes it especially easy to instantly and effortlessly enjoy one of his frozen creations. He pulls apart its cellophane wrapper and hands it to you stick-first: Simply take it and begin licking. Or, as Mr. Taylor’s shirt advises, “Just grab the stick.” His ice pops look vaguely familiar, but go far beyond the Popsicle they resemble.

For Sophisticated Sweet Tooths

Popsicle is a trademarked name. Mr. Taylor’s ice pops are their Platonic ideal. His ingenuous cool sweeties are created using what Mark describes as “the best and least ingredients.” While he does make some fairly expectable flavors — grape, pineapple, chocolate, for instance — most are unique and some are off-the-chart wild. Lemonade isn’t just lemonade; it is tart lemonade. You can’t get coffee, but you can get cafe au lait. There are milk ‘n’ honey, strawberry balsamic, Savannah banana puddin’, black cherry peach, cantaloupe lime, and one named Pulaski Square, which is salted caramel dipped in dark chocolate and rolled in pretzel pieces. Any one of these creations belongs on an eating tour of Savannah.

They’re Beautiful, Too

Not only are the flavors unique. Some of these pops are visually striking. Banana pudding features an entire round ‘Nilla wafer embedded in the ice; the Wright Square strawberry pop includes a full slice of kiwi; there’s a whole Oreo in the cookies & cream pop. Beyond the Popsicle, indeed!

I Want More

What I’ve tasted is intensely delicious. Were I a resident of Savannah, I would make it my business to return to this jolly place and enjoy every one of the pops. Over and over again.

The menu indicates which pops are gluten-free and/or vegan.

You cannot replicate an in-person visit to the source on MLK Drive here in Savannah, where the city’s historic 22 squares inspire names of the pops. But Mr. Taylor’s cool, sweet treats also can be found at a handful of other vendors around the Low Country.

What To Eat

Banana Pudding Ice Pop


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