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Review by: Jess Dawson

Equal parts riverfront restaurant, cocktail bar, bakery and shop, The Root House Coffee + Shop definitely has a vibe. And it makes me want to just hang out all day and graze on the best cafe breakfast goodies. But really, you have to get here early. We arrive at 9:30 a.m. on a weekday morning and many items are already sold out. This includes the cinnamon roll, kolaches, avocado toast and charcuterie plate. I reassess and figure it’s all got to be good, and I was not wrong.

A little bit of everything

We start with three warmed Sausage Bites, which taste and look like they have sweet potato baked right in. They’re buttery and biscuit-y, a lovely and filling taste treat that comes in a brown paper bag. 

On a silver tray lined with butcher paper, the thinly-sliced Open-Faced Bagel is spread with everything cream cheese. On top are a few artfully-placed sprigs of spinach, slivers of bacon and slices of tomato. It’s salty and creamy and chewy and delicious.

The Pimento Cheese is based on a house recipe. It’s pretty mild when it comes to pimento, with a touch of spice from jalapeños. The serving is huge and the gluten-free crackers it comes with are fine, but it would be better if it was one of the house croissants (sadly, they’re out of those too).

We also get a slice of the Crustless Southwestern Quiche with sweet potato, corn, beans and eggs. It has a nice texture and is well-seasoned.

A side of gifts for everyone you know

While we’re waiting for our food, we peruse the goods on the other side of the restaurant. It’s a well-curated selection of high-end mountain and camp-inspired things, from hats and felt banners to candles, soap, hatchets and juice squeezers.

The coffee is proudly small batch, ethically-sourced beans that Southern Colorado has to offer. It’s strong and delicious, not too bitter. 

There’s seating inside and out, and it’s not surprising they’re out of everything given the limited number of free spots. You can see the San Juan River just outside, and take a stroll along the water before or after you enjoy the best cafe breakfast. Its central location also makes it easy to stroll around downtown’s shops after eating. Which is exactly what we do.

What To Eat

Warmed Sausage Bites

Open-Face Bagel with Tomatoes

House Pimento Cheese

Crustless Southwestern Quiche


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