Spud Mountain Hash House

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With a logo and an interior that could have been designed by R. Crumb, the Spud Mountain Hash House is proof that there are some places where the 60’s have never died.

The signature item on the menu is the “Mountain O Spuds” which is advertised as the perfect cure for a hangover and at $5.00, “the best deal on the mountain.” The dish is aptly named. It consists of a large plate of hash browns topped with green chili and melted cheddar. You can order one veggie and one meat item to go with your potatoes; I’ve found that roasted bell pepper and Black Forest ham are a nice accompaniment. The hash browns are made from real potatoes and have both texture and taste.

“The Burger” is a substantial sandwich consisting of a thick slice of roast beef with bacon and melted cheese on a homemade sourdough roll. The burger comes with a salad of mixed greens, mushrooms and bell peppers, and is served with a nicely balanced balsamic vinaigrette.

Both of these dishes are extremely filling and well-suited to the hearty appetites of folks who have spent time out of doors shoveling snow or skiing. The Spud Mountain Hash House is worth a visit if you are in the Purgatory ski area.

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