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Super hero sandwiches are nowhere better!


Many alluring restaurants line Broad Street in downtown Augusta, Georgia. They range from dive-bar delicious (Sports Center pool hall) to deluxe (Frog Hollow Tavern. Knuckle Sandwiches practically hides itself among them. You don’t expect to find food of such high culinary standards and creative panache. After all, it is only a narrow storefront. No more than a couple of cooks fit in the tiny kitchen. A handful of little tables accommodate less than a dozen diners. Or sit at a sidewalk table out front.

The Super Hero Sandwiches:

Foremost, the PBR-B-Q: The chef pulls beer-battered shoulder into velvety clumps that radiate smoky flavor. Eat them with gusto! The meat includes endless strips of dark, flavorful bark that are variously chewy, crisp, and fatty. BBQ parlors around the nation have gotten on the burnt-ends bandwagon. But these ribbons of supreme succulence set a benchmark.

To go with that PBR-B-Q (or any sandwich), you get French fries. Crunch into these lightly battered, highly seasoned twigs and they glow with pepper punch. Coming alongside is a ramekin of white ranch-like sauce. Also, spicy Thai chili sauce packs a punch that is sweet, tangy, and just a little bit hot.

You will find no typical shaved beef in the Philly cheese steak. Hunky ribeye rules, each distinct piece a deliriously satisfying bite. The fully-dressed package includes sauteed onions, peppers, and mushrooms. You choose between a blanket of melted Swiss or cheddar cheese. The bread barely holds it all together. It’s a toasted length of hero roll that does do its job as a conveyance device for the superb ingredients it contains.

Beyond The Basics:

Choose from such other always-available sandwiches as a zesty bisected devil dog topped with jalapeno cole slaw, a beef burger, grilled cheese, grilled chicken, and a portobello “garden burger” with spinach and goat cheese. These all rate super hero sandwich status. Beyond them, wings come two ways: accompanied by Thai chili glaze or southern fried. Non-sandwich daily specials include tacos, stew,  gyros, and Friday-only dessert pies.

Late-Night Hours:

Note the unusual hours of operation: Knuckle Sandwiches is closed Sunday, Monday & Tuesday, open for lunch Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday, and open until after midnight Wednesday through Saturday.

What To Eat


Devil Dog

French Fries

Philly Steak

Black Eye Chicken

Garden Burger

Thai Chili Wings


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