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Review by: Michael Stern

A Restaurant That Does It All

Lunch & Supper smokes, cooks, and brines its provisions in-house. They grow vegetables and herbs just outside the beer garden. Since it opened in 2012 in Richmond’s burgeoning Scott’s Addition neighborhood, this three-meal-a-day restaurant has set the highest standards of modern, farm-to-table food service. Dine indoors or on the patio (where you are surrounded by the garden) and you can expect memorable meals that are an adventure in good eating.

A Mighty Menu

Travelers passing through with time for only one or two meals will have a problem. Every page of the long menu holds multiple temptations. A few that I did NOT get a chance to sample, but wish I had: pork rind nachos, catfish BLT, bacon-wrapped meat loaf with tomato honey bourbon glaze, cast-iron seared salmon.

On the other hand, just about everything I have eaten here has made me very happy. A few memorable meals: Sweet-meat crab cakes come dressed with spicy Sriracha aioli. Corn cakes form the foundation for house-smoked pulled pork. Brussels sprout slaw adorns the open-faced sandwich. They serve ham-laced pimento cheese with crisp pork rinds on the side. Plenty of bacon lards macaroni & cheese.


Did I mention drinks? You can drink beer, wine, and normal cocktails of every imaginable type. But I am a kitschy sort of guy, and can’t resist such silly concoctions as a Peachy Keen Bellini. That one combines peach liqueur, ginger, and Prosecco. Head-swirling perfume emanates from an unbelievably aromatic Green Gatsby (green tea, gin, peach & herb syrup, lemon, cardamom bitters, Prosecco and a sprig of fresh rosemary). If you want to drink something warm, sip on one called Who Let the Dogs Out. They make that with rum, amaretto, coffee, and whipped cream.

Enjoy all this inventive, intriguing, and well-crafted fare in the most casual beer-garden / tavern setting, where the staff is as hospitable as they are hip.

Note: The same team who created Lunch & Supper also are behind Brunch, another Richmond Roadfood favorite.

What To Eat

Green Gatsby

Pulled Pork

Pimento Cheese

Malibu’s Most Wanted

Macaroni & Cheese

Deviled Eggs

Crab Nebula


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