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At Bagelsaurus, the 24-hour process is a slow-fermenting one that produces thick, chewy, slightly crackly bagels. The place earned a cult following after owner Mary Tin Hyatt launched a weekly pop-up at a sandwich shop in 2013. Five years later, the love remains.

There are cheddar garlic bagels Friday through Sunday; bialys starting at 10 am every day; and egg/egg everything bagels on Fridays. Other bagel choices include seeded wheat and cinnamon raisin, onion, pretzel, deli rye, and black olive.  

Homemade cream cheeses and spreads are spectacular. We order an everything bagel with salted butter and a side of honey rosemary cream cheese. The bagels come toasted unless they’re just out of the oven; your bagel chefs will use their discretion unless you direct them otherwise.

A single bite of the everything with butter is followed by “ohmigoshthisisogood,” and once we add a dollop of the cream cheese, it’s all over. The smooth cream cheese has a deep, unmistakable rosemary flavor tinged with honey; it’s a combo that neatly balances the salty, dough-y bagel. I learn later that the honey-rosemary cream cheese—with a sea salt bagel—is what kick-started Hyatt’s popularity. I am not surprised.

We also get a side of the almond butter and beet hummus, both of which are good. But I don’t want anything to touch that everything bagel but the honey-rosemary cream cheese. It’s hard not to order an eight-ounce tub to go, but we resist (small victories).

Next, the Classic Jumbo on a cinnamon raisin, with a free-range over-medium egg, Cabot cheddar cheese, and mustard butter. We add thick pieces of bacon for $2, and avocado for $1.65. It’s a pretty classic breakfast sandwich done with fresh ingredients and an excellent bagel. The mustard butter is a unique, subtle touch.

Finally, a Hot Smoked Salmon Bagel with flaky Boston Smoked Fish Co. salmon, plain cream cheese, and pickled red cabbage. A ton of fresh dill is piled on top. I get this all on a sea salt bagel, and it’s a solid, filling combination. I almost wish it was open-faced, which you can request if you’re staying to eat.

The sunny space is small but they’re used to long lines and the turnover is fast. Blonde wooden tables, metal water cups, and coffee-house vibes remind us we’re in a college town. If it was our town, we’d be back for that honey-rosemary-everything combo just about as often as our waistlines would let us.

What to Eat
Bagelsaurus, Everything Bagel with Honey-Rosemary Cream Cheese
Everything Bagel with Honey-Rosemary Cream Cheese
The winning combo: An everything bagel with salted butter and honey-rosemary cream cheese.
Bagelsaurus, Hot Smoked Salmon on Sea Salt Bagel
Hot Smoked Salmon on Sea Salt Bagel
Hot smoked salmon, pickled beets, and a pile of dill on a chewy sea salt bagel.
Bagelsaurus, Classic Jumbo on Cinnamon Raisin
Classic Jumbo on Cinnamon Raisin
Adding thick slices of bacon and avocado is never a bad idea.
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Breakfast, Lunch
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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