Claire’s Corner Copia

Review by: Michael Stern

Decades ago when we lived in New Haven, Claire’s Corner Copia was a regular stop for us … for hot muffins and coffee cake at breakfast, for excellent Mexican meals at lunch and supper, for lentil dishes, French peasant soup, and mushroom barley soup, each served with hunks of yeasty bread.

A recent breakfast visit reminded us why we need to return more often. The Lithuanian coffee cake, a long-time favorite, was moist and full flavored as ever; and the granola — which we don’t ever remember sampling — was exemplary. There are good hot breakfasts, too: frittata, French toast (made from thick slices off a baguette), multi-grain pancakes.

The warm drink menu is itself a joy to browse, including hot chocolate and Mexican hot chocolate (the latter spiced up with a dash of hot pepper), mulled cider, Russian fruit tea and lattes.

What to expect at Claire’s Corner Copia

In addition to good vegetarian food and drink, Claire’s is notable for its comfy counter-culture atmosphere. Service is semi-cafeteria style: line up, browse the blackboard menu and the pastries on display, place your order, and pay. Then you find a seat and gather whatever silverware you think you need, and pretty soon your meal is delivered by one of the staff from behind the counter. The management asks customers to please clean up their own tables when finished with a meal.

A line up of some tasty looking veggie burgers:

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Lithuanian Coffee Cake



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