Oram’s Donut Shop

Review by: Michael Stern

Oram’s boasts that it makes cinnamon rolls twice the size of those produced by other stores. They are very, very large. But we declare them a destination dish not for size alone. They rate high because of flavor. Sumptuous sweet dough fries in a way that it attains all the luxurious savor of its oil bath and yet no weight or greasiness. It emerges puffy and tender, gilded with a thin sugar glaze that complements it perfectly. This supreme cinnamon roll competes with Iowa’s best. In other words, it ranks as one of the best anywhere.

Cake donuts want to be dunked. Creme-filled donuts are impeccably fresh. Jelly-filled donuts strike the right balance of donut and filling. A chopped apple donut comes topped with cinnamon powdered sugar. My only disappointment visiting Oram’s was that I wasn’t there on a Friday. Honey raised glazed donuts make the Friday repertoire special.

It’s a tiny Beaver Falls shop, all take-out, with a distaff staff who love what they do. Of course: Their job is making people happy. The supreme cinnamon roll does it every time.

What To Eat

Cinnamon Roll

Chopped Apple Donut

Chocolate Cake


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