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Review by: Michael Stern

Not For Fastidious Epicures

What you will not find at MC Hotdog Stand: indoor dining, a place to sit (except one lone chair for a single individual who waits for a take-out order), or a broad menu. What you will find: Delightful Georgia soul BBQ and dogs.

Full-Dressed Franks

Chef and proprietor Marcia Hudson dresses her hot dogs with great enthusiasm but with scant consideration for fussbudgets who would prefer to dine in a hospital operating theater. Sauce, mustard, cole slaw, crumbs of every kind, and meat juices surely will find their way to fingers, hands, arms, laps, and car seats or wherever you choose to eat.

In and of themselves, the hot dogs will not win a James Beard award. But add beefy bean chili and sweet slaw, a line of mustard, and a sprinkle of chopped raw onion, and the whole package becomes a very appealing deluxe frankfurter. If you need the wiener itself to be more important, order a sausage dog instead of a regular frank. It’s bigger, tauter, spicier, vaguely similar to a Polish sausage. This succulent length of cased meat also benefits from the full Dixie-Dog adornments of chili and slaw, etc. But dressed like that, it becomes so big and unwieldy that it completely eclipses the bun in which it is presented. I dare you not to look sloppy when you eat it.

From the Smoker

While I stood in the parking lot waiting for my wieners, a man approached me. He advised that MC Hotdog Stand BBQ is “the best east of the Mississippi.” Wow, that covers a lot of serious BBQ territory! However fans rate it, I praise it for its variegated texture. Ms. Hudson chops it into small pieces. Some are tender as velvet, some sport crusty bark, some are little more than melting fat. Top that with a mildly spicy, slightly sweet red sauce and heap it into a bun. The package is a sandwich only in name. It arrives at the take-out window in a clamshell container. Being sunk into the container makes it even more impossible to actually pick up with two hands like a regular sandwich. You either poke at it with your fingers or find a fork. Saturday only, ribs star on the menu. They’re good ones — not softies, but authoritarian bones that reward jaw-work with plenty of deep-flavored meat.

Beyond Georgia soul BBQ and hot dogs, the menu offers wings, regular or hot. Lemon-pepper wings are the way to go. Sharp lemon flavor sings a wild duet with pepper, all the better when dipped in the ramekin of creamy blue cheese dressing that comes with them. Crinkle-cut French fries are the one available side dish.

MC Hotdog Stand looks ephemeral, but in fact it has been going strong since 2018. It is just up the road from longtime Roadfood favorite, Jackie M’s & Son.


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