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Review by: Michael Stern

Buffetbuster Recommends

“It blew us away,” Cliff Strutz (Roadfood name: Buffetbuster) wrote in his recommendation of the Saddle Creek Breakfast Club. I followed his tip. This place gobsmacked me, too. Here is stylin’ breakfast fit for Roadfood epicures.

Tradition with a Twist

I categorize it as a New American restaurant, which in some ways it is. But newness need not be radical. Many dishes here reflect tradition — tradition enhanced by culinary savoir faire. Biscuits and gravy prove the point. Is there a more exemplary diner breakfast? But where do you find a diner that serves creme fraiche biscuits? They glow like creamy cake, but with fragile, crisp skin. And their sausage gravy dramatically departs from standards of greasy-spoon fare. Light and elegant, it delivers deep pork flavor and sharp pepper bite. Yes, stylin’ breakfast indeed: biscuits and gravy are born again!

Everything’s a Cut Above

Simple toast to accompany a meal rises above average, too. Brioche toast, buttery to begin with, becomes even more inviting when a schmear of butter melts into its airy surface. Even coffee exemplifies the kitchen’s skills. They make it with a roast from Omaha’s Amateur Coffee. It is a dark, deep, earthy brew. Do you like bacon? If so, take your pick of regular, braised, or a shoulder cut. Sausage comes as house-ground patties or O’tillie links. (O’tillie is an Omaha butchery.)

Wild, Way-Out Dishes

Beyond reborn renditions of classic breakfast, SCBC does offer flights-of-fancy dishes. It’s startling — delectably so — to fork up a kimchee omelet drizzled with unagi sauce. Consider eggs Benedict made with braised short rib and jalapeno jam. I love the corned beef hash burrito flavored with sriracha aioli. Of course, the menu changes with the seasons and virtually all the groceries in the kitchen are locally sourced. Several gluten-free and vegan options are available.

Too Popular?

The stylish food is presented by a team of fashionable millennials in a fairly small, low-key dining room. Do note that word is out about about the goodness of this place. Expect to wait for a seat, especially on the weekend.

What To Eat

Biscuits & Gravy

Kimchee Omelet

Brioche Toast

Peach Preserves



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