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Forget Everything You Know About Bologna

For anyone who grew up thinking of bologna as a circle of pale pink lunch meat about 1/16-inch thin, a fried bologna sandwich might not be an appetizing concept. But if you actually order one of these sandwiches in a restaurant that takes it seriously, your image of bologna will never again be the same. In particular, we’re talking about the G & R Tavern of Waldo, Ohio. In the opinion of may seasoned Roadfood explorers, this is nothing less than the best bologna sandwich on earth.

Bologna Heaven

In this community tavern, they slice the bologna thick. It resonates with flavor. The pork and beef blend is redolent of garlic. It packs enough fat that when it sizzles on hot iron, it develops a wickedly savory crust. The crust envelops moist meat within. G & R loads that regal round of meat into a sandwich with sweet pickles and onion (a great condiment combo). Or choose mustard, mayonnaise, or tomato. Fitting side dishes include a variety of deep fried vegetables and curly fries.

If for some reason you don’t want a sandwich that defines the best bologna sandwich on earth, G&R also offers a bologna salad sandwich; and because this bologna is so much better than the spongy packaged stuff, the salad reminds us of something made with good ham, but smoother.

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Bruce Friend

February 10th, 2011

One of my wife’s coworkers brought in some G&R’s pie. She told my wife about the tavern and we decided to go try it out. The tavern is located right on a corner of the main street in Waldo so it was easy to find. Upon entering, we were asked if we wanted to sit in the front room or the side room. As it was a very cold night we opted for the side room. This is a friendly small-town tavern so I felt at home.

There were several items on the menu that interested us but we both love bologna salad (which we asked for on rye) and I wanted the fried bologna sandwich. We also ordered fried mushrooms and fried cauliflower. The bologna salad was very good; unlike my mother’s it contained no cheese or hard-boiled eggs. The fried bologna was very nice: plenty of meat with a nice little crispness on the surface. I had it with the standard cheese, pickle, and onion, and the only thing I’d add is a smidgen of mustard (preferably brown, Dijon, or honey). The sides were perfectly cooked, hot, and not at all greasy. The house horseradish dipping sauce was perfect with the cauliflower.

For dessert my wife had a huge slice of coconut cream pie, featuring a flaky short crust piled high with coconut cream and topped with loads of whipped cream. I had their red raspberry pie (I’ve had lots of black raspberry pies but never red). This was a lightly sweet but still tart berry pie with flaky crust top and bottom. Very satisfying.

We also ordered a chocolate peanut butter cream pie to take home. The box weighed a ton! Everyone enjoyed the pie but all of us said that the peanut butter cream and the chocolate cream were better separately. Next time I’d get either the chocolate or the peanut butter pies. Together they were too much!

The wait staff was very prompt, courteous, and helpful. Recommended.


Mark Passerrello

May 26th, 2010

When I mentioned around work that we were driving north for a family wedding, and were leaving early to allow a stop at the G&R for lunch, everyone knew exactly were we were headed! The reputation of the place has spread and it seems most people have been there, or know someone who has. One coworker said the pies were “to die for”, and considering the place is known for bologna sanwiches, that is saying something. She said the pies were very good and the portions more than ample, when she visited with her sisters they could not finish.

The news about the pies was music to my 6 year=old daughter’s ears, who has developed a fondness for bannana cream pie and who was ready to have only a slice of that same for lunch.

The G&R is what can only be described as a neighborhood joint, and that meant in teh very best way. In our area of Central Ohio there are two local chains that market high end, up market pub grub in a faux neighborhood tavern atmosphere that is charming but obviously created by a designer who shopped a lot of estate auctions and yard sales. The G&R is the real deal and makes no effort of hide it’s “Regular Joe” roots. The whole vibe of the place is unfussy and genuine. Food is served on paper plates, and you get paper napkins. SOda comes in a cold can and you are offered a tiny plastic tumbler to sip it from, with ice if you want it.

The food was all very well prepared and great example sof it’s type. The signature sandwich, a thick slice of lunch meat on a standard issue hamburger bun, dressed with process cheese slice, onions, tomato and lettuce is really, REALLY good. It is just the best balogna ever, and the onion and other vegetables add great texture. I opted to skip the cheese to let the flavoer of the meat come through more clearly.


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