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Review by: Michael Stern

The business card of the Blue Colony Diner says “E-Z ON, E-Z-OFF, referring to its convenience at the end of the exit ramp from Interstate 84. But ease of access is not the only reason to stop at this diner by the side of the highway.

One other good reason is that it’s always open. When it’s 3am and you get a craving for a hamburger or a hot turkey sandwich, a farmer’s omelet or a Greek salad, a cup of chicken soup or a slab of Boston cream pie, you’ll find happiness if you are within driving range.

The third and most important reason to come to the Blue Colony Diner is that so much of the food is so good. We say so much because we could not possibly know about it all. Although we have lived in the vicinity for decades and eaten at the Blue Colony 100 times, we have sampled probably less than ten percent of what is listed on the multi-page, spiral-bound menu.

Anything possible to do with eggs for breakfast, this kitchen does it, with fine hash browns on the side. Hamburgers? There are about a dozen kinds available, including one made of buffalo meat. Choose from a list of hot sandwiches, cold sandwiches, and at least twenty hot-plate suppers including beef, seafood, pork, and poultry always sided by excellent potatoes (mashed in particular). The dishes for which we return again and again are the chicken souvlaki plate, homemade split pea soup, and daily specials of stuffed mushrooms, corned beef with cabbage, and Yankee pot roast.

Desserts are beautiful to look at and served in abundance. Unless you come with extra-large appetites, we recommend two people splitting a single piece of cake or pie.

Directions & Hours

  • Monday: Open 24 hours
  • Tuesday: Open 24 hours
  • Wednesday: Open 24 hours
  • Thursday: Open 24 hours
  • Friday: Open 24 hours
  • Saturday: Open 24 hours
  • Sunday: Open 24 hours

What To Eat

hot turkey sandwich

split pea soup

farmer’s omelet

Greek Salad

Greek Bread


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2 Responses to “Blue Colony Diner”

Sam Chester

June 21st, 2011

I absolutely love this diner. I’ve stopped at Blue Colony, off exit 10 on I-84, dozens of times while traveling between NYC and my home in Avon, CT.

The open hot turkey sandwich is my favorite. With a side of coleslaw or a large tossed salad, and mashed potatoes and gravy, along with their great challah bread, it is an awesome meal. I also like the very fresh fried scallops. There are about 15-20 in the order, and they come lightly fried.

Also superb: the corned beef platter. I’m not a cabbage fan; I like it with a boiled potato, slaw or a hot vegetable, and that great bread.

This diner is always busy, and it’s open 24/7. Service is fast, there’s an unbelievable variety of food, and everything I have ordered has been top notch.


Arthur Thomas

July 4th, 2009

As one who spends a good deal of time driving the northeast corridor, finding a good place to eat is an important part of my existence. The Blue Colony Diner, located off I-84 in Newtown, CT near Danbury, is a roadside oasis. The Blue Colony is a truly great diner and a standout in all respects.

First the tangible: their food is great. Dishes are well-prepared, using the best, fresh ingredients. I haven’t run through the entire menu as of yet but this is what I’ve had so far: a hot turkey open-faced sandwich (it was excellent, with fresh turkey and mashed potatoes smothered in gravy), gyro sandwich (as good as it gets, a shining example of this iconic Greek specialty), turkey club (fresh turkey piled high with bacon, lettuce, and tomato), and excellent French fries, grease-free, golden, crisp on the outside and fluffy on the inside (the high-quality classic, not the ridiculous, heavy and greasy, mouth-of-carb steak fries served at other diners).

The other test of a good diner is breakfast. The Blue Colony shines in this area. I always measure a diner by their home fries. When a diner gets this right you know they are on top of their game. What’s a good home fry? Crispy and golden brown on the outside, moist on the inside, balance of onion and salt, and not greasy. If you’re hungry for breakfast, this place is a slam-dunk. Excellent coffee also.

Having great food is just one part of the equation. What’s worthy of note is that the Blue Colony shines in the intangible aspects as well. The waitstaff and manager-owners go out of their way to make you feel comfortable, welcome, and satisfied. You get a distinct feeling that the workers and management operate in an atmosphere of conviviality and harmony. This aspect translates to happy waitresses, and to their attitudes toward customers. The waitresses are all friendly in a homespun way, efficient in their duties, and seem happy to be there. When not serving, they are cleaning and polishing the surfaces, indicating a pride of place.

In terms of physical appearance, this diner is spotless. The place is very clean and very light and airy. The decoration is also very pleasing in a diner-like way.

The owners of the Blue Colony deserve the success that they have received as a result of their sincere dedication to their customers and meticulous attention to detail. While there is no shortage of diners in the greater New York region, diners that are as well-run as Blue Colony are few and far between. My hat’s off to the Greek family that runs this place; the Blue Colony is a gift to humanity and a place that exudes true warmth and soul. If you’re heading up to visit New England colleges, fortify yourself at this diner. You will be happy you did.


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