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Food should be an experience. Sure, we all have to eat to survive, and for some that’s all that it is and all it will ever be. But when you love food, every bite is a journey, and oftentimes one will find themselves yearning for tastes that you had once before, searching endlessly for a culinary trip down memory lane. 

For me, that journey often happens with Indian cuisine. My father would do holiday window paintings for restaurants and businesses during the gray, gloomy Southern California winters. And on one of the times I was with him, he was doing “a splash” (a quick job of window decorations, and what my siblings still refer to these gigs today) at an Indian restaurant in the heart of Orange County, where the owner provided me with a simple bowl of chicken curry, along with a piece of hot, fresh naan, as I patiently waited for Pops to finish working his magic on their windows, creating marvelous winterscapes filled with giant snowmen, snow capped houses, and iced-over presents & candy canes galore. 

The smells of the spices, the subtle heat and unique flavors that come with the curries & chutney, and the warm chew of naan never fails to immediately transport me back to 7 year old me, sitting at that counter.

At More Curry, a small but powerful Indian restaurant tucked away in a strip-mall right off the 15 , owner and Corona-native Nick Sekhon and his mother (the main chef) have come up with an assortment of spectacular dishes that honor the traditions of Punjabi recipes with an incredibly well done modern twist that took me on that journey and fulfilled that yearning deep inside of me.

Nick shared information about each dish with us. They started a new menu recently that includes quick takeout biryani bowls that are very popular. However, he recommended a few of his other offerings and specialty dishes for us to try. Friendly, knowledgeable, and passionate about what he does, Nick is exactly the kind of person that should be in the restaurant business. And the menu creations he and his mother came up with are among some of the best I’ve ever had.

What to Eat at More Curry in Corona, CA


Crisp on the outside, filled with potato, onions, peas, packed tightly together with delightful spices. Served with a side of chutney sauce, red or green, the spice of the samosa filling paired with the chutney were nothing short of harmonious. A perfect appetizer shared with a group but an order of the two well-sized samosas could easily serve as a meal itself (which, More Curry does with a Chaat, a sort of takeaway bowl with Channa Masala – a great vegetarian lunch option!)


Masala Fries: 

A French Fry is often a simple thing – crispy and delicious, it’s surprisingly hard to get just right. Seasoned fries are usually overpowering but the masala mix that coats these perfectly crisp but still pillowy on the inside fries was incredible. No matter what you get, get a side of these to go with it.


Naan (Garlic & Plain):

Naan is absolutely one of those foods that takes you on an almost spiritual journey. Something so wondrously simple yet delightful. Warm, perfectly chewy, with a great flavor on both. They’re perfect to dip in curries, or act as a wrap for a sandwich. Like the Masala fries, do not miss out on the naan at More Curry. This is also where they offer a unique twist, as they have a jalapeno and cheese stuffed naan on their menu. Unfortunately, they were sold out of it for the day and Nick recommended we come back to try it (which we absolutely will).


Butter Chicken Poutine:

What an amazing concept and wow does it deliver! An incredible fusion of Indian and Canadian fare shows the creative approach that the owners take with their dishes. Starring those thick Masala Fries, and topped with a delicious, rich Butter Chicken in lieu of traditional gravy. It’s a wonderful combination of flavors, textures, and sensory delights that makes you wish you’d have thought of it. Recipes like this are what food is about – just a fun, joyful plate of culinary worlds coming together to create an absolute knockout dish. Also served with paneer (a dense, chewy cheese almost like queso blanco). An entrée within itself or great to share with a group.


Bombay Lamb Burger:

It’s rare to find lamb at a takeout restaurant; it’s even rarer to find one done so incredibly well. Lamb is one of those meats that can divide households. Some find the gamey flavor to be unpalatable but when the meat is done right and treated with care, the flavors are unparalleled. Nick prides himself on this creation, and it shows. The spices blend marvelously with the lamb, and the simple toppings are all that are needed as to not take away from the star of the show:  that delicious lamburger patty. Even for those not normally a fan of lamb, this is worth a try.


Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap:

There’s no reason that this shouldn’t be on more Punjabi menus across the country. This is the dish at More Curry. Elevated by the flavors and textures, the genius lies in its simplicity – why wouldn’t someone take naan bread, throw delectable tikka masala inside of it, and wrap it up like a burrito? Here, Nick’s passions for culinary mishmash shines through again – crisp vegetables, grilled chicken, and the luscious flavors from that tikka masala sauce combine to make an excellent on-the-go lunch. And if a burrito seems too much to have at once, they also offer taco versions of it! 


Chicken Seekh Kebab Wrap:
Like its cousin, the Chicken Tikka Masala Wrap, the Seekh Kebab wrap is dynamite. Ground chicken breast is skewered and grilled, then wrapped in naan along with lettuce, tomato, and onion. The flavors were fresh, the textures great – and wonderful drizzled with some of their red chutney that I wish they had put inside of it throughout.


Gulab Jaman:

Soft dough balls in a sweet syrup seasoned just right with cardamom. A nice, light finish to a glorious meal these were just the right amount of dessert after the decadence that came before it. 


The tastes, the aromas, the warmth, the passion: they all flow from deep within the hearts of Nick & his mother; through their recipes and onto our plates, they bring the love of their culture and traditions to share with the entire city they call home.  While Corona may not have the glitz or glamor of neighboring Orange County or Los Angeles, it has no shortage of culture and with that, delicious foods and culinary experiences. More Curry’s delicious take on those traditional Indian dishes is well worth the road trip, no matter where you are.



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