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The Steamed Cheeseburger: Only in Connecticut

Roadfooders worth their salt think of Meriden, Connecticut, as home of the steamed cheeseburger, where all roads lead to the famous Ted’s. The once humble Ted’s has attained national prominence thanks to being on TV food shows. But Meriden is home to a handful of other steamed burger meisters, among them K. LaMay’s. It’s a relative newcomer to the scene, opened in 2006.

Kevin LaMay learned about steamed cheeseburgers at Ted’s, where he worked as a teenager. But the burger he makes is different. It is steamed in a bigger, plastic tray that accommodates a one-third of a pound of meat. Other restaurants use standard metal trays that hold a quarter-pound. The Kaiser roll Kevin uses arrives fresh every day and is large enough to make an ideal meat/bread ratio.

What Makes K. LaMay’s Special?

Does the plastic tray help lock in more moisture? Because these burgers are especially juicy. Kevin may add some spice to the meat, but he’s not telling and I could not identify it (maybe garlic? or pepper?). The Wisconsin sharp cheddar seems to be a similar cheese used around town, and, as usual, it’s a perfect foil for the meat. You’ll find Sweet Baby Ray’s BBQ Sauce available as a condiment on each table. That’s another reason to love the place.

K. LaMay’s also sets itself apart by offering locally-brewed Foxon Park sodas, including white birch. (What, no Iron Brew?). These, in addition to a wide selection of Stewart’s sodas and the usual Snapples, offer a respite from the pedestrian Coke/Pepsi products others peddle. Fries and onion rings are available in addition to a full line of Deep River potato chips, made not too far away in Old Lyme. The store is located next to Les’ Dairy Bar, to which one can stroll for soft-serve ice cream in the warmer months.

Several years back, locals awarded K. LaMay’s the Best Classic Burger award in the Meriden Battle of the Burgers, and Kevin has a loyal following of fans who call in orders ahead of time. K. LaMay’s is open seven days a week.

What To Eat

Steamed Cheeseburger

Foxon Park sodas


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January 25th, 2022

Dont go to Ted’s. Instead Run to K. LaMays for the best steamed cheeseburgers in CT!


loren soeiro

July 10th, 2015

I would say K. LaMay’s is like one of those foods that you can’t quite explain why you like it so much. You could easily develop a craving for it, although I would say the steamed cheeseburger is not for everyone. My wife was not a convert, for instance, but I would really like to go back. The cheese at K. LaMay’s is quite salty, and bubbly (due to the steaming?), so some people might not like it that way. (It’s much saltier than a regular cheeseburger.) But I also had a steamed hamburger and something was definitely missing. The buns were enormous, fresh kaiser rolls; the fixings were plentiful. Overall, I’m sold and I’d be happy to eat at K. LaMay’s again, and again after that.


Scott Morris

August 25th, 2011

Having been exposed to Ted’s steamed cheeseburgers some 20 or so years ago while working in Meriden I had grown very fond of them. So much so that several times a year I would make a trek into Meriden to sit at the lunch counter for a couple of cheesebugers with a side of home fries. That all changed for me recently after seeing that K. LaMay’s has a new shop on Main Street in Middletown.

I will say this: the burgers here are not the gray lump of tasteless meat you might have grown used to. They are super-flavorful and juicy. These burgers are what Ted’s should aspire to.

K. LaMay’s is the new central Connecticut reigning champ of steamed burgers. I would recommend this as your first stop for this local delicacy. It’s just unfortunate that we couldn’t get Food TV and Travel Channel back to put this place on the map.


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