Review by: Michael Stern

Guida’s hot dogs are excellent ten-inchers — slim, taut franks in a natural casing tied with a rough (but oh-so-charming) knot at one end. Cooked on Guida’s grill until they develop a mottled, crackling skin, the hot dogs are bedded in split-buns that have been brushed with butter and toasted crisp right next to the dogs. The package is a beautiful thing.

This is a hot dog so tasty that we actually sometimes get it plain, just to savor the simple, perfect combination of high-flavored frank and butter-mellow bun. But of course there is a full roster of available condiments: ketchup, three kinds of mustard plus mustard relish, sweet relish, hot relish, fried onions, fried peppers, and cheese.

Guida’s is a nice stop for a quick breakfast at the counter (with a view of the grill); and there is a lunch menu beyond hot dogs that includes fried clam strips, hamburgers, and assorted sandwiches. We are fond of the ice cream Guida’s serves, too, especially the post-modern flavor combo of peanut butter cups and chocolate in vanilla, known as moose tracks. But it’s those fine ten-inch hot dogs that will keep us coming back.

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Barbara Young

August 25th, 2010

There was a time you could not find a parking spot in Guida’s large parking lot. People were lined up out the door to place there order. They made the “BEST” hot dog this side of Heaven. We thought we would give the grand kids a treat so we stopped at Guida’s about 12:30 (lunch time). Plenty of parking and many empty tables inside. The inside was not looking as clean as it should have. Also, the fellow at the grill really should have taken the time to shave before coming to work and to be sure that he looked neat. We ordered hot dogs with everthing which usually means, mustard, relish and chopped onions. When the hot dogs were brought to the table the topping looked a little odd. Hmmm, where are the chopped onions and what is that in its place. UGH !! dehydrated onions. I asked the server about them and she explained that if I wanted raw chopped onions I would be charged 35 cents extra. Guida’s has been a Land Mark for more years than I can remember. How very sad that the owners are letting this once popular restaurant fall to such a low.


Alex Bozzi

July 8th, 2005

Breakfast is quite exceptional. The pancakes, while huge, are very light and fluffy. One can get fresh fruit added to them for a special treat. None of that canned, goo-laden fruit-like food product here. There should be waffles, but one cannot expect everything! Lunch is quick and good, if a bit greasy. Hot dogs are crisp with a good snap to them. Buns are split top, buttered and grilled, the way the Almighty meant them to be. Nice milkshakes.


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