Elmo’s | Wings at their Best in a Buffalo Sports Bar

Review by: Michael Stern

Double-Dipped Wings

Located in a strip mall near the University at Buffalo’s North Campus, Elmo’s is a Buffalo sports bar. From the outside, it does not necessarily promise a memorable eating experience. Yes, it truly is a good-times pub, a great place to drink beer and watch the game. More important for hungry Roadfooders, its wings are some of the city’s best. Elmo’s gives them a unique twist by double dipping them. They fry them and sauce them just like ordinary wings. But then they apply a different sauce and grill them. The grilling ads delectable smoky aura as well as a texture unique in the world of wings.

Choose a sauce combo from a range of mild, medium, and hot, Cajun, BBQ, and honey mustard. For a wide-spectrum taste-buds experience, I like Cajun + honey-mustard. It’s got penetrating flavor that is peppery (but not ferocious), tangy, and just a little bit sweet. The chewy-crisp texture of the wings’ skin makes them a joy to gnaw. Strangely fat-free, they easily yield every shred of their deep-flavored meat.

When in Buffalo, Eat What Buffalonians Eat

Beyond wings, Elmo’s menu offers sandwiches, burgers, and wraps, a Friday-only beer-batter fish fry, house-made chili, and a few salads. You even can get a beef on weck, which is, along with wings, a Buffalo signature sandwich. It’s a perfectly decent roast beef sandwich, but not in the same league as Elmo’s outstanding wings. Speaking of the unique flavor of Buffalo, among the salads you will find one dubbed the Buffalo special. That includes mild, medium, or hot breaded chicken, carrots, celery, and, of course, blue cheese dressing.

Ambience is Buffalo sports bar to the max, with five TVs to watch while you drink and a wall full of jerseys signed by the Buffalo Sabres, who used to eat at Elmo’s after practice.

What To Eat

Double-Dipped Wings

French Fries


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