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Review by: Michael Stern

Rich …

Since 1974, Dr. Mike’s of Bethel, Connecticut, has made what might be the richest ice cream on earth. The good doctor (Robert Allison) offers about a dozen flavors at any one time. Taste buds meet their match with flavors that are devilishly creamy. If it is possible for ice cream to be too rich, this small batch artisan ice cream comes close to that line of demarcation.

… and Intense!

Dr. Mike’s flavors pack punch. “Rich Chocolate” is more deliriously chocolaty than a melted Hershey bar. To this cocoa tsunami, add the luxury of heavy cream. “Chocolate Lace and Cream” is a Dr. Mike’s exclusive. It suspends broken chunks of chocolate-covered hard candy in a pure white emulsion of sweetened cream. Spooning into it induces butterfatty rapture. We highly recommend getting Chocolate Lace and Cream in a cup rather than a cone. The crunch of the candy conflicts with the crunch of a cone.

Dr. Mike’s extends its repertoire at the end of every week with New Flavor Friday. Consider such inventions as Nutella Swirl, Mexican Chocolate, Butterfinger, and Almond Chocolate Chip.

Sensational Sundaes

A sundae at Dr. Mike’s will make an ice-cream-a-holic dance with glee. Scoop wielders behind the counter load up about a half-pint of ice cream. They then heap it with dark, grainy, very-hot hot fudge or a syrup of sweet/tart cherries. Pile freshly whipped cream on top and, if desired, chopped walnuts or mixed nuts. By this point, the sundae rises well above the rim of its container.

Sweet-Tooth Destination

When the sun shines on a summer day, expect to wait in line when you visit the minuscule store behind Bethel’s main street (Greenwood Avenue). Dr. Mike’s has refused to franchise and never expanded. (But there now is a walk-up window). It remains what it’s always been: a charming source of small batch artisan ice cream in a class of its own.

Note that Dr. Mike’s is just yards away from Roadfood favorite Sycamore Drive-In.

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