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Mazos is an essential stop on any burger tour of Milwaukee. And believe me, a burger tour of Milwaukee is essential. The Brew City is one of the nation’s hamburger hot spots, with so many good ones, including its own unique version, the butter burger. A butter burger is a hamburger that gets topped with butter when it’s hot off the griddle. The butter melts, the burger’s juices flow, and the result is a wicked confluence of two fats — meat and dairy. Kosher, it’s not. Delicious, it is!

Although they are quite large, there is nothing outlandish about the hamburgers themselves: flat patties of good ground beef  glistening with their butter sheen in lovely toasted buns. Available toppings include fried onions, sautéed mushrooms, and, of course, layers of cheese. Other choices for dressing up the burger are bacon, lettuce, and tomato, as well as 1000 Islands dressing. On the side, have cole slaw, French fries, baked beans or, best of all — American fries. These are indulgent hash browns that are cooked, of course, with lots and lots of butter.

Made-to-order milk shakes, served in frosty silver beakers, are dandy; but do note that Mazos is directly across the street from the excellent Leon’s custard stand.

Mazos is a tiny diner. At lunchtime, you will likely wait to find a precious seat at table or counter. Mazos is not fast food, but its hamburgers are worth a wait.

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