Paradise Pup

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Paradise Pup: a local favorite

In this uniquely Chicago place, people wait up to an hour to secure some of the best burgers and hot dogs in the city.

What to eat at Paradise Pup

Wisconsin’s Merkts Cheddar Cheese Spread is used liberally in two magnificent ways: the Merkts Cheddar Burger and 3 Layer Fries. The one-third-pound burger is cooked to order—pink if you like—and the tangy Merkts, spread on a pillowy bakery bun, melts unctuously onto the warm patty. Add long-sautéed, caramelized sweet onions for the ultimate treat. The fries are crinkle-cuts topped with Merkts, sour cream, and crumbled bacon. The sharp cheddar really makes a difference.

The Chicago dog — with relish, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt, and a pickle spear — is a classic example of the city’s way with wieners and is right up there with hot dogs from the likes of Superdawg and Poochie’s.

Milkshakes are rich, creamy, and bursting with genuine flavor—nothing artificial here—and the raspberry option is an absolute must-try.

Paradise Pup truly is heaven on a bun.

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What To Eat

Cheddar Burger

Chicago Dog

3 Layer Fries


Char Cheddar Polish


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