Paradise Pup

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One of the best

When Chicago food authority ChiTownDiner recommends Roadfood in his own town, you know it’s going to be incredible. In this uniquely Chicago place, people wait up to an hour to secure some of the best burgers and hot dogs in the city.

Wisconsin’s Merkts Cheddar Cheese Spread is used liberally in two magnificent ways: the Merkts Cheddar Burger and 3 Layer Fries. The one-third-pound burger is cooked to order—pink if you like—and the tangy Merkts, spread on a pillowy bakery bun, melts unctuously onto the warm patty. Add long-sautéed, caramelized sweet onions for the ultimate treat. The fries are crinkle-cuts topped with Merkts, sour cream, and crumbled bacon. The sharp cheddar really makes a difference.

The Chicago dog — with relish, onions, tomatoes, sport peppers, celery salt, and a pickle spear — is a classic example of the city’s way with wieners and is right up there with hot dogs from the likes of Superdawg and Poochie’s.

Milkshakes are rich, creamy, and bursting with genuine flavor—nothing artificial here—and the raspberry option is an absolute must-try.

Paradise Pup truly is heaven on a bun.

What to Eat
Paradise Pup, Cheddar Burger
Cheddar Burger
Char cheddar burger, with Merkt's cheddar, grilled onions and tomato. The best!
Paradise Pup, Chicago Dog
Chicago Dog
Chicago Dog: every required ingredient is at the peak of freshness.
Paradise Pup, Milkshake
Raspberry shake smacks of real raspberries. You’ll taste the seeds.
Paradise Pup, Char Cheddar Polish
Char Cheddar Polish
Char cheddar Polish sausage covered with fried onions: sensational!
Paradise Pup, 3 Layer Fries
3 Layer Fries
Fork required to eat 3 Layer Fries.
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Monday11am - 5pm
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Wednesday11am - 5pm
Thursday11am - 5pm
Friday11am - 5pm
Saturday11am - 5pm
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Frankfurter historians believe the Chicago red hot (aka hot dog) was first configured in 1929 by Abe "Fluky" Drexler at the erstwhile street bazaar on Maxwell Street. Drexler's genius was to bun the sausage and top it with so many condiments that it seemed more like a meal than a snack. Today, nearly 2000 vendors…

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