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Review by: Michael Stern

Seafood Lovers’ Jubilee

When seafood craving strikes, the southeastern U.S. is a good place to be. Between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, with teeming rivers everywhere and the Caribbean not too far away, its possibilities dazzle the appetite. Here you find a panoply of shrimp, oysters, crab, crawfish, and conch. Flounder, grouper, catfish, and mullet populate menus throughout the region. Palmetto Seafood is a South Carolina fish house that takes advantage of the bounty.

Shrimp Star

Shrimp come steamed (shell on) or fried. Have them in a taco or on a half-and-half plate with whiting, catfish or tilapia. They star in a great, massive bowl of shrimp and cheese grits. Chopped green onions and plenty of bacon adorn the bowl. In Palmetto seafood pasta, shrimp share billing with crab meat mixed into a mountain of spaghetti. The flavor, billed as Palmetto’s garlic blend, reminds us of Old Bay with a buttery twist. Brilliantly spiced sweet corn and garlic bread add their own flavor notes to the dish.

Hearty appetites will appreciate the Palmetto Seafood specialty listed on the menu as a loaded potato. It piles fried shrimp, crab meat, cheese, onion, and bacon atop a sheaf of potato slices. The same things can be had atop French fries.

Speaking of frying, that’s where this kitchen shines. What special pleasure it is to sink teeth through the frail crust that envelops cream-rich catfish. Such appetizer bites as fried corn, fried crab sticks, and fried string beans speak well of the fry kettle, too.

This is Crab Leg Country

Crab legs, which are hugely popular hereabouts (and literally quite huge sold by the cluster) occupy their own section of the menu. If you’re a party of two, check out the Palmetto Date Plate: 4 clusters, 2 eggs, 2 potatoes, 2 sausages, and a pound of shrimp. Or you can buy them cluster by cluster (each of which is about a pound) for $13.99 each.

Adult Libations

Tipplers can have a ball in this South Carolina fish house. Bartender Ron creates such concoctions as an Arnold Palmetto, which is like an Arnold Palmer (lemonade and tea) but with Palmetto Whiskey added. He recently concocted one he calls Palmetto Punch, a super-cooler made with Crown Royal Peach and Crown Royal Apple. You’ll have time for cocktails because all meals are cooked to order.

Helping Customers Survive

An eager-to-please waitstaff makes Palmetto Seafood a likeable place. One day, while we were sitting in a booth at lunch, a tornado alert sounded an alarm on every smart phone in the house. “Take shelter!” it said. Waitress Rosie invited us into the kitchen’s walk-in freezer. Fortunately, the tornado went somewhere else and we all finished our meal as the sun came out.

What To Eat

Shrimp & Grits

Fried Shrimp


Sweet Corn


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