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Review by: Michael Stern

Where To Get An Ice Cream Education

Charm School, AKA Charm School Social Club, is a unique Broad Street Richmond ice cream parlor. Why do I call it unique? First, observe the academic theme. It permeates every aspect of this genuinely charming place. Real vintage etiquette books are on display. Posters and wall art educate viewers about proper behavior. The flavor menu is titled “Today’s Lessons.” A school desk occupies the front window. Images of school textbooks decorate the walls. You could call the ambience studious retro.

A Broad Curriculum

More important, Charm School earns praise for excellent ice cream. I place it on any list of essential food stops in Richmond. Made on premises, from scratch, using cream from grass-fed cows, this ice cream defines purity. Flavors include such fundamentals as vanilla, coffee, strawberry, and peanut butter swirl. Or, for a taste of higher education, adventurous palates can choose among such exotica as Thai iced tea, ginger-lime, honey rose, and peach crisp. In this school, one can be silly, too: consider Cinnamon-Toast-Crunch-with-Milk flavor! (Find the current line-up, which changes day to day, on Instagram at charmschoolrva.

No Ice Cream Lover Left Behind

Charm School takes good care of customers with special dietary needs. Vegans can choose from several dairy-free flavors. The menu (er, lesson board) notes which flavors have gluten or nuts.

Nothing But Ice Cream

You won’t find much more than ice cream by the scoop (or by the swirl from the soft-serve machine) at Charm School. Sundae lovers can indulge in toppings that include hot fudge, salted caramel, toasted Fluff, vegan Fluff, whipped cream and vegan whipped cream, fancy sprinkles, and Virginia peanuts. Don’t expect milk shakes or sodas or anything to eat other than ice cream.

Prior to pandemic restrictions, Charm School offered samples to inquisitive customers. As of Summer 2021, that policy is suspended. Cones currently are off the menu, too.

What To Eat

Ice Cream

Hot Fudge Sundae


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