Rosie’s Tamale House

Review by: Michael Stern

Rosie’s Tamale House is a rough-and-tumble roadside eat-place that sells excellent Mexican food at rock-bottom prices.

What to eat at Rosie’s Tamale House in Austin, TX

The lunch menu is a broad selection of homemade tamales, nachos, chalupas, burritos, and chili con queso. Tacos are available constructed in crisp corn, soft corn, or flour tortillas, and the choice of side dishes includes guacamole, red hot sauce, and green hot sauce.

During the week, Rosie’s Tamale House opens at six am every day but Tuesday (when it is closed) to serve Mexican breakfasts that include plates of huevos rancheros, barbacoa, or carne guisada, as well as all sorts of breakfast tacos – name your filling. The choices include eggs, potatoes, beans, chorizo sausage, cheese, picadillo, and bacon. Breakfast tacos can be amended with discs of spicy sausage from nearby Elgin, Texas. Our favorite taco filling is migas, a combination of scrambled eggs, cheese, and broken-up pieces of crisp corn tortilla all cooked together until pieces of the tortilla begin to soften.

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Migas Taco


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Roy S Lewis

January 14th, 2009

I used to live down the road from Rosie’s, next to the Austin World of Archery, back in the early 70s while I attended UT Austin. I’d go there two or three times a week. The food was excellent; the service was “home kitchen” friendly; and the prices fit into a college student’s budget ‘n appetite. I am glad to see that Rosie’s is still around. Stop by ‘n sample anything.

I recommend the carne guisada, a simple stewed pork or beef recipe, served with refried mushy pintos ‘n rice that’s heady with comino seed. Also ask for some aguacate (sliced avacado) on the side. This dish is a staple in Jalisco in Mexico and throughout Texas.


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