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Review by: Jess Dawson

Minutes from Keystone, Arapahoe Basin and Breckenridge, The Arapahoe Café is known as A-Café to locals. It’s a go-to for the best breakfast in Dillon, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts before and/or after a day on the mountains. 

Fresh (best) mountain breakfast

The menu is simple with a few inventive and unique twists. We resist the Blueberry Granola Flapjacks, which sound uniquely sweet, and go with two savory dishes. I’m not usually one for fish in the morning, but I would have the Trout & Eggs multiple times a week . The whole filet of Rocky Mountain ruby red trout is crispy on the edges with tiny bits of garlic. There are also crunchy golden home fries, over-easy eggs and a stick-to-your-ribs biscuit.

The Huevos Burrito is huge, with scrambled eggs, refried beans, chorizo, Anaheim chiles and cheese. On top is house green chile with super flavorful pork, hominy and cotija. Both are incredibly delicious and filling.

It’s all the better with cool morning air and endless coffee refills. 

Decades-long dedication

The Café was built in the early 1940s by Faye and Lenore Bryant in the old town of Dillon. The town of Dillon actually moved several times. Along with the Café, it was threatened by the rising waters of Lake Dillon.

In 1960, the Café moved to higher ground, along with what is now the Dillon Historic Museum, and a few private homes. The move was challenging, they say, which is why the floors are a bit uneven and the walls not quite flush. But the original and distinctive pine paneling is intact, creating a cozy cabin-like atmosphere inside.

Known as the Tappan house for 15 years, Doug Pierce and his family regained ownership in 1988. They returned it to its original name, and it’s now one of the historic landmark site buildings in Dillon. You can usually find Doug and his daughter, Bonnie, at the Café, making sure everybody’s coffee is full.

What To Eat

Trout & Eggs

The Huevos Burrito


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