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We slightly disagree with Carminuccio’s motto, which is “A Little Slice of Heaven.” We say it is a quite a large slice of heaven. In Connecticut, home of America’s most delicious pizzas, this house by the side of the highway serves some of the very best.

When you walk in, it doesn’t seem much to look at. The interior consists of an order counter and a small array of bare-topped tables. But look closely, and towards the back you see the stuffed breads of the day arranged in a case. They are a beautiful sight: long, savory loaves wrapped around such ingredients as ham or capicola, pepperoni and cheese, broccoli and sausage. Served steaming hot, one of these breads is a soulful meal every bit as satisfying as a pizza.

Incredible pizza at Carminuccio’s in Newtown, CT

As for pizzas, the Carminuccio’s repertoire of toppings ranges from basic cheese to escarole & beans, barbecued chicken, sautéed spinach, and a knock-out “BLT” combo of pesto sauce, bacon, cooked escarole, and roasted tomatoes. Near the cash register, you can watch the pizza man stretch the dough ultra-thin and slide it into the ovens. About ten minutes later, out comes a pizza that has a chewy rim of crust all around the circumference and a brittle undercrust with just enough grit from the oven to give it real character.

What To Eat

Stern Special

Roasted Garlic

Stuffed Bread


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