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Review by: Michael Stern

Amateur, With Love

Amateur? You won’t find a more professional coffee house between here and Seattle. Everything about Amateur Coffee rises high above ordinary coffee-house standards. When it comes to roasting, brewing, and serving, these people strive to serve the best. They succeed. Menu descriptions scrupulously describe a brilliant array of drip brews and espressos, healthful lattes, and exotic teas. So, why “amateur”? The management defines the word amateur as “The enthusiast who pursues their work in the spirit of love. In French, the word means ‘lover of’.”

Eye-Opening Espresso

About that espresso. They make it from a trio of beans from Brazil, Costa Rica, and Columbia. It is a dark brown, syrupy potion. If you love, love, love maximum-intensity espresso, it will bring joy to your heart. If it’s s too potent, don’t be concerned. The cup comes with a glass of water. Use it to dilute the coffee or sip it to cleanse the palate between coffee swallows.

Fun With Coffee

For all its earnest devotion to excellence, Amateur Coffee likes to play, too. Among its seasonal specialty drinks are Who Killed Flora Palmer. That’s a mix of sparkling lemonade and cold brew. Pineapple Express-o mixes cold brew, oat milk, pineapple, and coconut. The combo forms a breathtaking refresher. They describe it as a “pina colada wannabe.” In the fall, consider the Trick or Treat Latte. That enhances a caramel apple latte with coconut whip and vegan Halloween skittles, twizzlers, or chocolate chips.

Beyond coffee, the Amateur Coffee drink menu includes chai tea and cocoa. Or consider such “wellness drinks” as beet & ginger, spirulina & elderflower, and turmeric & oat milk with added espresso optional.

Eat Healthy

Available pastries to accompany drinks are all vegan. They come from Sweet Magnolia’s, a neighborhood bakeshop. I really enjoyed my gluten-free waffle topped with berries and bananas.

Even if you’re not vegan or gluten-free, soy-free, or nut-free, I recommend a visit to this earnest little shop. To quote the management, “Welcome to our little vegan corner of the world. We can’t wait to serve you.”

What To Eat

Pineapple Express-o



Mango Coffee Cake


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