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“Vitáme Vás” is the Bohemian Cafe’s motto, meaning “we welcome you.” It is a place where all are made to feel welcome, including old timers who first came as kids and visiting firemen who want a fun-time meal with polka music setting the beat in the dining room. It is an immensely cheerful place, a vast, multi-room eating hall decorated with colorful old-country woodwork and pictures of men and women in traditional peasant attire; tables are patrolled by veteran professional waitresses in bright red dirndl skirts.

The traditional way to begin a meal is with a cup of liver dumpling soup, which is homely and homey; we also love the plain-dumpling, chicken-stock soup that is often available as an alternate. Every meal begins with a basket of chewy sour rye bread. The big menu includes American-style steaks and seafood, a quartet of specials every day, and traditional Czech specialties. Foremost among the kitchen’s accomplishments is roast duck – half a bird with crisp skin and flavorful meat that pulls off the bone with ease. We are fond of the sauerbraten, which is a stack of pot-roast-tender hunks of beef that are a joy to pull apart with the tines of a fork. We also like the Czech goulash, a vivid red, smoky pork stew. There is a large choice of side dishes, but the two for which the Bohemian Café is best known are dumplings and kraut. The former is a pair of saucer-size slices of doughy matter covered with whatever gravy your main course demands; the latter is a fetching sweet and sour mix, thick as pudding, dotted with caraway seeds. Whatever entrée you choose, it will come flanked by dumplings and kraut – an awesome presentation that is a challenge to all but the mightiest appetite.

Paper place mats remind diners that this restaurant is home of the Bohemian Girl Jim Beam commemorative bourbon bottle (there is a huge collection of Jim Beam commemoratives in the entryway); and the mats also list the lyrics to the house song, which has been used in radio advertisements:

Dumplings and kraut today
At Bohemian Café
Draft beer that’s sparkling, plenty of parking
See you at lunch, Okay?

What to Eat
roast duck
Bohemian Cafe, goulash
The Czech goulash features tender chunks of meat in a delicious, dark sauce.
Liver Dumpling Soup
Plum Dumplings
Bohemian Cafe, Jaeger Schnitzel
Jaeger Schnitzel
Veal steaks in a rich wine and mushroom sauce is a hearty substantial meal usually enjoyed by those of "peasant stock."
Swiss Steak
Bohemian Cafe, Breaded Pork Cutlet
Breaded Pork Cutlet
This is the normal Wednesday special.
Directions and Hours
closed now
Sunday11 am - 9 pm
Monday11 am - 8 pm
Wednesday11 am - 8 pm
Thursday11 am - 8 pm
Friday11 am - 10 pm
Saturday11 am - 10 pm
Open Year Round
Meals Served
Credit Cards Accepted
Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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