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Review by: Jess Dawson

If you don’t want a burrito in Marfa, I suggest the best sourdough toast at Do Your Thing. Unassumingly located on a charming corner downtown, the bakery is within spitting distance of the famous Get Go grocery store

Skip the line and dig in faster

The line snaking from the order window is hard to miss, and can be daunting, so I recommend ordering online first. They might be a little behind, but you can peruse the shops or sit in the sun in the courtyard while you wait.

A tang to remember

Since 2014, the sourdough has been freshly baked in house, and many of the ingredients are organic. The bread is about the size of of a slice of Wonder Bread, but one-inch thick. It has a characteristically delightful tang and crunchy crust. The wonderfully spongy texture is even better once it’s been crisped, which is a strong indicator of the best sourdough toast.

Everything is everything

Now that we have the base down, let’s dig into toppings. First up is my favorite: The Everything Toast. A juicy, sliced red tomato sits atop a generous schmear of organic cream cheese. A sprinkle of everything seasoning adds the final flourish. You get each texture in every bite — it’s fresh, comforting and delicious.

Next, the classic Cinnamon Sugar Toast is dressed up with organic pasture-raised butter and crunchy flakes of Maldon sea salt. They’re generous with the butter, which the sourdough soaks up like a sponge. Dessert for breakfast? Yes.

Finally, the Jerusalem, with fresh avocado and a thin drizzle of nutty tahini. On top, an herby mix of za’atar complements toasted sesame seeds, chile and more Maldon. It’s the savoriest and heartiest of our choices.

Baristas who know their stuff

We go for one iced and one hot drink. The minty matcha is earthy with a hint of mint. I want to snap a picture of the lovely latte art, but the line behind me begs efficiency. The iced Oaxacan coffee is also nice, a blend of cold brew, vanilla bean and half and half. The secret ingredient is Xocolatl mole bitters, which adds hints of cacao, cinnamon and spice flavors.

When they’re not serving amazing carbs and coffee in the beautiful sun-dappled space, Do Your Thing hosts baristas-in-residency and the occasional event. Sourdough mandatory.

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