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Review by: Jess Dawson

We arrive at Ramona Tejada’s famous breakfast burrito spot at 8 a.m. on a Saturday, and it’s pretty quiet. Walking in is like arriving for breakfast at someone’s home, because it is. Known as the burrito queen of Marfa, Ramona operates out of her personal kitchen.

Beloved celebrity favorite

Photos cover the walls. Some feature locals who come every week, others have framed images of Hollywood celebrities (Matthew McConaughey, Mark Ruffalo) with their arms around Ramona. Still others are an homage to Texas darling Selena. Every inch of space has a photo, someone’s signature, well wishes or thanks. 

Tortillas fresh as you can get ’em

Behind a Dutch door in the kitchen room (one of three), we peek in to see Ramona: sleeves rolled up, rolling pin in hand, she flattens fresh tortilla dough. She looks up and smiles, then gets back to work while another woman takes our order. 

The menu is simple and to the point, because what you really want is the tortillas, and they come with everything. We get a chorizo-and-egg burrito, as well as an egg-and-bacon burrito. They’re served with red and green salsas, also homemade. The green is particularly spicy and delicious, and cuts the richness of the chorizo. The burritos are huge, and the tortillas are soft and clearly fresh, with a slight char and wonderful corn flavor. 

A traveler’s beacon for the best breakfast burrito

Marfa Burritos is one of the first things you see when you come from the east (which most people do) on Route 67, and a welcome site after miles of Chihuahuan desert. We’ll be back, and if Ramona offers bags of tortilla to go, we’ll be first in line.

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