Rhoda’s Famous Hot Tamales

Review by: Michael Stern

Must-Eat Delta Tamales

The name of Rhoda Adams’ café is no lie. The tamales deserve the fame that have made them a Mississippi Delta destination. Ms. Adams makes them with a combination of beef and chicken. She wraps the meats along with steamy cornmeal inside corn husks. When you get one, unfold that husk. An irresistibly appetizing aroma swirls up like edible charisma.

Ramshackle Charm

In what sort of establishment does one eat such grand tamales? In a very humble eat-shack by the side of the road on the Arkansas side of the river. As is true of so many first-rate Roadfood favorites, especially in this part of the world, the look of this place is not glossy-magazine pretty. Ramshackle describes it well, inside and out. But for those of us who prize extremely downhome ambience, Rhoda’s unvarnished looks are part of its charm. Come to think of it, I don’t know of any truly great tamales served in fancy places.

Soul Infuses Everything

Tamales made this little restaurant a Mississippi Delta destination, but other soulful local specialties abound. Beyond tamales, the menu at James and Rhoda Adams’ little eat-place presents a full roster of soulful regional specialties. For fried chicken or pigs feet, pork barbecue or catfish dinner, you won’t do better for miles around. Early one morning Rhoda made us breakfast of bacon and eggs with biscuits on the side. A simple meal, right? But even this simple meal tasted especially wonderful. Rhoda is one of those gifted cooks who makes everything she touches something special.

Great Pies … in a Great Pie State

We consider Arkansas one of America’s greatest pie states (along with Iowa, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Texas, and Maine). Rhoda’s pies prove that point to a fare-thee-well. She makes small individual ones as well as full-sizers. Sweet potato pie and pecan pie are world-class.

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Hot Tamales

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