Pequod’s Pizza | Chicago Deep Dish Caramelized Cheese Crust

Review by: Maggie Rosenberg & Trevor Hagstrom

Welcome To Chicago Pequod’s Pizza

From the street, Pequod’s Pizza looks like a normal sports bar. You likely will wait to get in; it’s that popular. Inside you find a lively dining room and an expansive upstairs level. TVs everywhere play sports programs. All around, diners plow into deep dish pizza with an amazing caramelized cheese crust.

Be Patient

After you order, expect to wait nearly an hour. If you arrive famished, you’ll likely spend a lot of time rubbernecking at other people’s food. If you just can’t wait, consider getting a small thin-crust pizza to help time pass. It won’t win the blue ribbon for thin-crust pizza. But its ingredients foreshadow the incredible deep dish pizza for which you’re waiting. A slice or two can be a tantalizing sneak preview.

Anatomy of a Great Pizza Pie

Many Chicago pizzerias vie to be the best. Pequod’s is a top competitor. Its pizza boasts five important elements that make it a Chicago-style icon. First, its thick crust is soft on top and crisp on the bottom. Next, a thick but not overwhelming blanket of mozzarella melds seamlessly into the soft top of the crust. Then comes a generous layer of whichever toppings that you choose. Then a warm pool of zesty tomato sauce fills out the pan. Finally, and uniquely, a ring of baked caramelized cheese crowns the top of the crust. The cheese provides incentive to finish every bite of that crust. The caramelized cheese crust and generous application of sauce conspire to elevate a pizza style that sometimes can seem overly bready to us coastal, thin-crust types. It may not make Chicago-style purists happy. But we’ll sure be back for more.

Be A Glutton

Pequod’s pizza is so good that we eat more than our normal one-slice-and-done deep dish performance. Indeed, we wish we had more pizza after devouring what we ordered. Since getting another one takes an hour, we highly recommend that any newcomer errs on the side of gluttony. After all, deep dish pizza travels and reheats very well. 

What To Eat

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