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Review by: Jess Dawson

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit | What to expect

If you’re walking briskly, you might just miss Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit shop. The narrow space is tucked between larger stores on King Street, and the flashing “EAT” sign is above eye level. Once inside (be sure and close the door quickly so they can maintain the proper temperature inside), the space is warm and welcoming. The walls are lined with white subway tiles and shelves of take-home biscuit mix. A cabinet holds biscuits that will stay good in your freezer for a year.

A little history

Carrie Morey founded her shop in 2005 with the goal of making the tender, buttery, made-by-hand biscuits of her mother, Callie. The shop was an immediate success; and Carrie has become a model for success, guest-lecturing about entrepreneurship at the College of Charleston School of Business.

Walk past a small bar space to a counter where an enthusiastic gentleman explains the menu. If hot little biscuits is what you see, I recommend the “3 for $5” deal.

What to eat at Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit

With seven options, it’s tempting to get them all. You really can’t go wrong. Black pepper bacon biscuits are a touch spicy, with bits of chopped-up bacon inside. A sweet cinnamon biscuit comes with cinnamon butter, which melts inside the pillowy dough. We get a cheddar and chive biscuit plain, but with sides of both savory thyme butter and strawberry jam (also on offer: blackberry and peach jams). Dabs of the herbal butter and jam kick it up a notch.


Other biscuit options are buttermilk, shortbread, ham, and blackberry. The biscuits themselves are an ideal balance of flaky and doughy. It’s a delicate balance that all too often tilts too far one way or another. But not at Callie’s.


We also get an order of the grits, which can be served in a biscuit bowl for just $2 more. We opt for a simple cup, adding cheddar cheese and chopped bacon. The grits aren’t overcooked and have a great, hearty texture, with plenty of butter.

Breakfast sandwich

You can create your own breakfast sandwich with all the usual ingredients as well as tomato jam and Carolina honey. Ours is on a large buttermilk biscuit layered with fiery pimento cheese, a sausage patty, and scrambled egg. It’s so tall that we take off the top and eat it open-faced. The zesty pimento cheese melts into the biscuit nicely.

Bring it home and make it your own!

Before we leave, we make another visit to the front to get frozen ham-flavored biscuits and two bags of biscuit mix. We’ll want these again.

What To Eat

Sausage, Egg, & Pimento Cheese

3 for $5 Mini Biscuits

Homemade Grits


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