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Review by: Michael Stern

Deli in the Desert

Sherman’s is an old-fashioned kosher style deli that is one of the eating highlights of Palm Springs. People come for breakfast of lox and bagels or salami omelets cooked pancake style (unfolded). The kitchen makes crumbly corned beef hash from the same corned beef used for sandwiches. That gives it the unique flavor profile of delicatessen corned beef. Lox and smoked fish in general are exemplary. The deli staff hand-cuts the lox into soft pink sheaves. They pile it generously on a plate with tomatoes and onions, bagel and cream cheese on the side. We only wish the bagels (as well as the rye bread) were better.

Sandwiches and Big Meals

One of the best creations on Sherman’s menu is called “beef ‘n’ latkes.” For that, the sandwich makers layer a heap of well-seasoned corned beef (or pastrami) between two crisp fried potato pancakes. You can’t really hold it in your hand. But the sandwich is well worth exercise with knife and fork. Other good sandwich ingredients include tender beef brisket, an elegant tuna fish salad, and plump Chicago knockwurst. The three-meal-a-day menu is vast. You can have a big, full dinner of grilled liver and onions, half a roasted chicken, stuffed cabbage, or even barbecued baby back ribs. Sherman’s makes a nice version of the ultimate Jewish comfort-food meal, chicken-in-the-pot. That’s basically chicken soup containing the better parts of a bone-in bird.

Don’t Forget Your Rugelach

We miss the long glass case typical of urban delis. There’s no ogling the various smoked fish, meats, and cheeses available to eat. But the display of pastries up front is ravishing. Do not leave without eating a plate or taking home a bag of Sherman’s crisp, creamy, just-right sweet rugelach.

Comfortable and Crowded

Sherman’s is a nice place to sit. It offers one big, airy dining room and a large portion of sidewalk for outdoor seating in the desert sun. On weekends in particular, it can get pretty crowded. The brisk – sometimes even brusque – staff is a true taste of deli life. For a good kosher style meal in Palm Springs, Sherman’s is the place.

What To Eat

Matzoh Brei


Mushroom Barley Soup

Whitefish Plate

Egg Cream

Deep Dish Apple

Oasis Salad

Grilled Double-Decker Reuben

3-Meat Club Sandwich


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One Response to “Sherman’s Deli | Kosher Style Meals in Palm Springs”

Roger Neustadter

December 15th, 2008

Best deli in the area; a good take on the New York deli style.

Very nice matzo ball soup with a well-flavored broth and one oversized matzo ball. Very good overstuffed sandwiches. Good rare roast beef and very good pastrami. While the rye bread may not equal NY’s finest, it is very good for the left coast. They offer a dish of pickles and kraut that needs improvement. Pickles are limp and no green tomatoes. Excellent homemade corned beef hash and the smoked fish plates look good. Very large omelets including pancake-style salami or pastrami.

Also good for dinner. Dinners with a salad are under $20, plus they offer early bird specials, with the hours varying by the season. Good steak for a non-steakhouse and excellent veal liver and onions. A large selection of oversized desserts are available for take-out, or to finish the meal.

A simple, clean inside room, but the nicest seating is on the patio. Service is professional and the waiters try to give it the gruff NYC style, but are actually very nice and helpful. On the whole, an oasis in the desert of dining that is Palm Springs.


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