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Review by: Jess Dawson

An inviting sight on the bustling main drag of Frisco, Colorado, Bread + Salt is the place for a quick, comforting breakfast. The bread is a sign of prosperity and “so you never go hungry.” The salt? So there’s “always spice in your life.”

Eat breakfast like it’s 1985

Bread + Salt is bustling when we arrive mid-morning on a Friday. There’s no room outside on the lovely patio, so we sit inside, right in the middle of the dining room. We have a view of the kitchen and its cooks, as well as a couple of chalkboards just above the bar. One tells us where the restrooms are (outside and to the right). One lists a few local purveyors. And one informs us that there’s no WiFi, “so socialize like it’s 1985.” Will do.

Fresh, local and comforting

The menu is a showcase of local ingredients and seasonality, starting with the Spring Bowl. There’s multi-color quinoa, diagonally-cut asparagus and snap peas, a handful of dried apricots, sliced avocado and a thick pesto that’s creamy and bright with plenty of herbs. On top, fresh Colorado-grown pea shoots and sprouts, and two poached eggs. It’s fresh and healthy.

Next is the Roasted Apple Challah French Toast, which features quite a few triangles of soft, almost dough-y French toast. The bread is lightly fried in a vanilla-cinnamon batter, then dusted with powdered sugar and topped with bits of roasted apple. The soft inside reminds me of my childhood, when my mom used to undercook the toast slightly because I liked it that way. 

The S.E.A. Scramble arrives with a huge mound of hash browns and a side of fruit, which is an ample serving of halved grapes and strawberries. The scramble is nicely cooked and not overdone, with house-cured salmon, avocado and red onions. 

Take the strawberry jam for later

In the butter dish, there are two small tubs of fresh strawberry jam. Though I don’t use them during breakfast, I save them for later and will make a point to get something to put the jam on next time we go. 

The place bustles all morning, with lots of family groups with kids and dogs milling about and waiting for a table outside under the Aspens. It’s a great place to fuel up on a comforting breakfast before a hike or swim, and from which to watch the happy people of Frisco stroll by.

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Spring Bowl

Roasted Apple Challah French Toast

The S.E.A. Scramble


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