Moose Jaw

Review by: Jess Dawson

Moose Jaw sits on a nice part of Dillon’s Main Street in a red-painted barn-like building. Out front, plastic chairs and tables shuffle often to accommodate different parties, and sit under strings of bistro lights. At the foot of Summit County, Moose Jaw opened in 1973 and is still run by its original owners. They also still serve the best smashed burger in Frisco.

Keep things simple and al fresco

The walls inside feature countless pictures of locals. There’s an ample trophy collection, pool table and general debauchery that often lasts until two in the morning. 

We stake out a table on the patio, and I head inside to order. Brittany the bartender is clearly very busy but courteous and appreciative of our business. There are a few locals giving her the rundown, and she playfully jabs back. 

Tucked inside a condiment carrier, the simple menu features things like chicken fingers, a “Chicken-Bacon-Cheese Sandwich” and veggie burgers.

All you need to know is The Mother Lode: the original reason for Moose Jaw’s existence. The charred smashed burger is topped with a thin slice of ham and a few strips of thin bacon. There’s a dollop of creamy mushroom sauce and a slice each of American and Swiss cheese. If you don’t ask for tomato and lettuce, they won’t add them. The bun is crisp and buttery, but really it’s just a vehicle for the meat and cheese.

It’s one of those super satisfying burgers that’s perfect after a big hike or day on the mountain, which you can see from the outside seats. We also get a Caesar Salad, which is simple but fresh, and a pitcher of the rotating seasonal lager for $14. A steal!

A casual go-to for locals and visitors alike

As soon as a group of diners heads out, a new one takes its place, and it seems like a mix of old and new friends bonding over their love of Moose Jaw. A couple leaving made a point to tell Dan, who was routinely checking in on us, that if they only get to go to one place in Frisco, it’s here.

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