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Review by: Michael Stern

A Myrtle Beach Discovery

Myrtle Beach does not lack for places to eat, some of them Roadfood-recommended. Many eaters come to the oceanside playground looking for seafood served in big, boisterous restaurants. Pulaski Deli has none of that. But if you crave something different — authentic Old World Polish food in a quiet, modest setting — put this hospitable little treasure on your good-eats itinerary.

Just off Kings Highway, it is a small place with only a handful of tables and a minimal menu that includes classic Polish meals as well as New World deli subs and sandwiches.

What To Eat

Do have kielbasa. It’s a taut, succulent sausage cross-hatched and grilled so its edges turn crisp. Get it in a long sub sandwich with kraut and mustard or as the star of a kielbasa plate. The plate includes not only the sausage, but also hunter cabbage stew (aka bigos), dazzling-tangy sauerkraut, rye bread, and a pickle.

A full-bore Sampler Plate adds even more. You also get a cabbage roll packed with ground pork and rice and glazed with sweet tomato sauce. And the hunter stew. Plus, the sampler plate includes three buttery potato & cheese pierogi with sour cream and fried onions. What a kaleidoscopic meal! And at well under $15, a bargain.

Old World Charm

Much business is take-out, some in large portions for parties. But it’s a pleasure to dine in. Although it’s really just a deli/diner, service is old-fashioned gracious in a way rarely found in modern-day sandwich shops.

While waiting for your meal to be made, it’s great fun to browse store shelves stocked with Old World Polish groceries you never see in ordinary markets. When was the last time you enjoyed Borowiki mushrooms? Refrigerator cases are stocked with Polish beers just right to accompany a Pulaski Deli meal.

What To Eat

Kielbasa Sandwich

Hunter’s Stew

Cabbage Roll




Sampler Plate


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