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Review by: Michael Stern

Hail the Hamburger!

Convention Grill does not serve the biggest or the best-dressed hamburgers in the land. Rather, its burgers stand as a diner hamburger ideal. A well-seasoned and well-oiled grill sizzles thick, bun-sized patties to crusty perfection. A Convention Grill burger oozes juice and radiates beefy savor. It gets even better when topped with a mantle of melted cheese and/or dressed California style. On this menu, “California” means lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise. Other available toppings include bacon and mushrooms. Or choose a Plaza Burger. That comes with sour cream, chives, and chopped onions in a dark pumpernickel roll.

French Fries are a Must

For a diner hamburger alone, we happily make the pilgrimage to this 1934-vintage diner in Edina. But we guarantee our California cheeseburgers will be accompanied by French fries. Such beautiful fries! The cooks boil them in oil until they turn honeytone brown. Each serving includes a mix of cream-centered, full-size sticks and darkened crunchy little twigs. Burnt ends of delicious potato debris lurk among them.

Malts and Sundaes

On the side you want a malt. Huge and thick, a convention Grill malt defies pouring. To get it from its silver beaker to a glass requires a spoon. Choose your flavor from a virtual rainbow: chocolate, wild blueberry, butterscotch, strawberry, coffee, banana, vanilla, caramel, honey, hot fudge, Butterfinger, mint, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. Pay a bit extra and they’ll add fresh banana to the mix. The malt does present one problem. If you drink most of it, chances of having enough stamina to eat a hot fudge sundae for dessert diminish. But these are sundaes impossible to pass up. They come in a broad tulip glass with plenty of fudge underneath the ice cream and a mountain of whipped cream on top. A good-size cup of extra hot fudge comes alongside. Pour it on as you eat your way through. Bananas are a no-cost option.

Thank You, Lynne Rossetto Kasper

All this excellent Roadfood is dished out by a staff of white-uniformed waitresses who are wholly efficient and, in our experience, omnipresent. Lynne Rossetto Kasper, former host of “The Splendid Table,” told us about this place. While Lynne is best known as an expert on Italian food, this suggestion alone earns her an exalted chair in the Burger Lovers’ Hall of Fame.

What To Eat

California Cheeseburger

French Fries


Hot Fudge Sundae


Convention Grill | Diner Hamburger & Great Fries | Minneapolis Recipes


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