PB&J Eclair filled with Vanilla Bean Custard & Concord Crape Jelly, topped with Peanut Butter Cream & Concord Grape Jelly! ...

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PB&J Eclair filled with Vanilla Bean Custard & Concord Crape Jelly, topped with Peanut Butter Cream & Concord Grape Jelly! ...

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Layers & baked 🌪🔥#croissant🥐 #croissancepersonnelle #layers #bakedwithlove #bakerylove #pastries #chefbakerythailand #instapastrychef #pic #foodphotographer #gream #pastryworld #online ...

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You could draw a good map of America based on pastries that are emblematic of certain places:

Now universal, muffins have long been considered the traditional New England morning breadstuff.

No one is more particular about buttered hard rolls than New Yorkers.

Crumb cake reaches its apotheosis in New Jersey.

In parts of Texas and Oklahoma, Czech-ancestored kolaches, made with sweet dough and filled with fruit or poppy seeds, are nearly as popular as donuts.

In Latin neighborhoods of Florida cities, no breakfast is complete without a length of buttered Cuban bread.

Sopaipillas accompany nearly every meal in New Mexico, where little cinnamon-anise cookies known as biscochitos are the official state pastry.

In the South, biscuits rule, especially in the morning; and hushpuppies and/or cornbread are on the plate with seafood and barbecue later in the day.

Racine, Wisconsin, is famous for its kringle, which is something like a giant Danish.

Sticky buns and sweet rolls are known everywhere, but you won’t find better ones than in the bakeries of the Midwest.

The growth of coffee-house culture has boosted Americans’ savvy about pastries that once were foreign, exotic, or little-known. Among such newly appreciated coffee companions are scones, croissants, palmiers, boules, biscotti, rugelach, and morning buns … not to mention a whole world of artisan bread loaves and rolls.

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End of a plump bread loaf shows cheese melted into the top

Bacon Bread

Freshly baked assorted bagels for sale, hung on wall pegs


Long, slender tube of bread with light tan surface


Rugged loaf of tan banana bread, sliced to reveal that it's packed with chocolate chips and walnuts

Banana Bread

Slices of griddle-cooked banana-bread French toast on a plate with fresh fruit salad and a ramekin of syrup

Banana Bread French Toast

Sugar dusted pastry really does resemble a bear's claw, complete with toes

Bear Claw

Puffy square pastries blanketed with powdered sugar


Hard, oblong biscuit crowded with cranberries and walnuts, with a cup of coffee


Two hot biscuits on a plate, opened up and dolloped with blackberry preserves and peach preserves

Biscuit & Jam

Tall, gnarled-top light gold biscuit


Biscuit is topped with sausage as well as fried chicken and pimento cheese

Biscuits & Gravy

Blueberry muffin has berries in the stump and the top

Blueberry Muffin

Bakery-fresh loaf of Italian bread, resting on the bag it was sold in

Bread & Rolls

Super-goopy brownie includes drippy caramel, nuts, layers of powdered sugar, and deep, dark chocolate


Crisp pastry tubes are filled with sweet cheese and their ends dipped in green pistachio crumbs


Sticky bun, crowded with nuts, wallows in a pool of caramel syrup.

Caramel Roll

Two large untoasted slices of egg-yellow bread, bigger than the paper plate they're on

Challah Bread

Cranberry and orange scone; cheddar and dill scone

Cheddar and Dill Scone

Biscuit dotted with herbs sandwiches melting cheddar cheese

Cheese Biscuit

A small, round loaf of bread laced with cheese and jalapeno sausage

Cheese Bread

Best Pastries Restaurants

Al Amir Bakery

Claremont, CA

Chicago Pizza and Oven Grinder Company

Chicago, IL

Florida Avenue Grill

Washington, DC

Carolina Buffet

West Columbia, SC

Pine State Biscuits

Portland, OR

Mel-O-Dee Restaurant

New Carlisle, OH


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