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Review by: Michael Stern

The Coffee Cup Restaurant in Pensacola, FL | What to expect

This is the sort of place campaigning politicians go for the photo-op that shows they are close to real people. This spacious café is a real-people place, for sure. For breakfast in Pensacola, The Coffee Cup Restaurant is where it’s at. The big dining room is perfumed by the wake-up aromas of hot toast, sizzling bacon, and hash browns heaped on the grill from the moment its doors open at six.

Throughout the morning, The Coffee Cup maintains the perky ambiance of a place where regular customers like to start their day with the sort of socializing that makes breakfast in a restaurant such a completely different experience than breakfast at home. Dishes clatter, coffee cups are refilled, hearty meals are served and eaten with gusto, and conversations spark along the counter and among the tables like electric tumbleweeds.

What to eat at The Coffee Cup Restaurant

The menu has a nice Dixie Gulf Coast accent, featuring Nassau grits that are supercharged with a spicy tomato sauce alongside eggs and pork chops or high-flavored Spanish omelets. At lunch, you can get those good grits alongside plates of roast chicken or beef and long-cooked southern-style vegetables.

What To Eat

Naussau grits




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Jim Clark

April 17th, 2007

I lived in P’cola for 16 years and had breakfast at the Coffee Cup at least once a week. All the food is great, but the waitresses and cooks are what makes it interesting. Most of the girls have been there since the Spaniards discovered Pensacola! Creola, the grill chef, (she’s a chef, not a cook, in my opinion) has been flippin’ pancakes and eggs for over 25 years and has yet to see the first written food ticket. She’s amazing!

Lunches are good Southern-style meat & 3’s and the soups are made from scratch. The Coffee Cup is famous for their pies; they sell hundreds for Thanksgiving and again at Christmas. They also sell gravy by the bucketful at the holidays.

Just a great place. I hope they made it through the last hurricane OK.


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