Frank’s Diner

Review by: Michael Stern

Hungry in Spokane? Really, really hungry? If so, we have a meal for you: a King of the Road omelet at Frank’s Diner. This big boy is made from six eggs, ham, cheddar and Swiss cheese, peppers and onions, and is served with hash brown potatoes and toast.

Not quite that hungry? How about a Joe’s Special, named in honor of the “New Joe Special” that is so popular in the San Francisco Bay area. At Frank’s Diner, the Joe’s special is a mere three eggs scrambled with ground beef, spinach, and onion and flavored with Parmesan cheese. There are plenty of normal-size breakfasts, too, from hefty biscuits and gravy to eggs benedict, and from silver-dollar pancakes to French toast made with cinnamon swirl bread. The breakfast menu boasts that Frank’s serves 12,000 eggs per month.

What to eat at Frank’s Diner in Spokane, WA

Our tipster, Charlie, told us that breakfast is the meal to eat at Frank’s; but the lunch selection is inviting, too. It includes, and we quote from the menu, “the best hot turkey sandwich ever,” made from turkey roasted in Frank’s kitchen, as well as a grilled meat loaf sandwich, chicken pot pie, and a large assortment of 1/3-pound Vista Cruiser Burgers made with assorted combinations of cheese, dressings, bacon, and barbecue sauce.

Grand food! But what will strike you even before you eat is the place itself, which is the state of Washington’s oldest diner. It really was a railroad diner, Car #1787, built in 1906, and now completely restored in hash-house configuration with a counter that provides a view of the grill. Frank’s was located in Seattle from 1931 to 1991, at which point it lost its lease and was moved to Spokane.

What To Eat

Joe’s special

Wedge Salad with Crab & Lobster

Hot Turkey Sandwich



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Mitch Goulet

July 14th, 2009

Not sure if the other reviewers are just stuck on this place and can’t give an honest review or are related to the owners. Frank’s used to be all that has been said here about it, but not anymore. The waits are long, and not worth it. The food is mediocre at best, and the bill will have you thinking you were just robbed by The James Gang.

I hadn’t been there in years until last fall, after a University of Montana football beating of Eastern Washington. A friend’s wife loved the place but hadn’t eaten there in years either, so we checked it out. I am not going to go over the whole breakfast as it is not worth the time. The two items that stood out are as follows: I ordered the chicken-fried steak. One way to describe this abomination is “Boxed Frozen Hockey Puck.” You would do better going to McDonald’s. The next item was eggs Benedict. This came with about two silver dollar, paper-thin pieces of ham. Total weight might have been an eighth ounce.

Skip this place and go to Benjie’s, I think it is called, down the street.


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