Roadfood restaurants aren't only about good food. They are places with memorable personality: diners, town cafes, BBQs, street carts, even some deluxe dining rooms.

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Annie’s Donut Shop

Portland's great non-artisan donuts. Annie's cream puffs are light & fresh. Raspberry fritters are unctuous, fruity, monumentally satisfying.
Portland, OR

Apple House

For apple butter, cinnamon donuts, BBQ or Virginia ham, Apple House is a good stop just off I-66 at the northern entrance of the Skyline Drive.

B & W Bakery

The foundation of B&W's heavy crumb cake is sweet yeast pastry. Atop it is a thick ribbon of large crumbs, some crunchy, others soft. Coffee, please!

Beach Donuts

Beach Donuts, along a sandy section of the Boston Post Road, makes what some consider to be the best donuts in Connecticut.

Beardsley’s Cider Mill & Orchard

Open only in the Autumn until Christmas eve, Beardsley's makes Connecticut's best crumb-topped apple pie; its fruity aroma is intoxicating.

Belair Donuts

From-scratch donuts, fritters, Bismarcks, and sausage-filled kolaches make Belair Donuts a best-bet early-morning stop off I-20 at the west side of Augusta.
Augusta, GA

Bergeron’s Boudin and Cajun Meats

Bergeron's is a remote Cajun boucherie and restaurant where everything is cooked with essence of smoke. Don’t miss the famous chicken patties.

Better Buzz Coffee

Quickly expanding throughout the San Diego area and up the California coast, Better Buzz Coffee offers fantastic brews and and a good breakfast menu.
San Diego, CA

Bill’s Donut Shop

Bill's Donut Shop has all the classics: glazed, crullers, long johns, donut holes, etc. Highlights include glazed pretzels, caramel Persians and donut sticks.

Biscuit Head

Great knobby cat head biscuits -- crisp on top, creamy in the middle -- are the foundation for a rainbow of southern-accented breakfast and lunch.
Asheville, NC

Blink’s Fry Doe

Blink's is a popular stand on the Hampton, New Hampshire, boardwalk, selling long strips of fried dough with creative toppings.

Bloedow Bakery

Bloedow is a 1920s-era Minnesota bakery that offers top-quality cookies, donuts and cakes baked fresh every day. Maple-iced long johns are not to be missed.

Blue Benn Diner

In Bennington, Vermont, the Blue Benn is one of the northeast's best diners, from blue plate traditions to international exotica. Breakfast all day, natch.

Bogus Creek Cafe & Bakery

Breakfast is served all day at Wisconsin's Bogus Creek Café. Baked goods are fantastic, as is hash -- eggs with ham, onion and pepper, topped with cheese.

Brick Store

A true general store rather than a restaurant, The Brick Store carries soaps, weathervanes, cookbooks and candies, as well as Live Free or Die t-shirts (the state motto). Although gift baskets of "Yankee breakfast" are available (pancake batter, maple spread, syrup, and bacon), thereis no actual meal service on premises. Still, it is possible to put together a dandy impromptu repast from its wide inventory of cheeses, Vermont crackers, and smoked meats, then commandeer one of the comfortable chairs on the front porch and dine in sight of Route 302.

Cecilia’s Cafe

Cecilia's Cafe is a humble Albuquerque restaurant serving memorable carne adovada & green chile cheeseburgers. Any dish with red or green chile is great.
Albuquerque, NM

Cle Elum Bakery

Cake donuts and fantastic maple bars make this long-standing town bakery a great stop in Washington's Cascades. Good coffee, too.
Cle Elum, WA

Coffee An

A hop off the Merritt Parkway in Westport, Connecticut, Coffee An' makes chocolate donuts that are devil's-food dark and impossible to stop eating.

Component Coffee Lab

Component Coffee Lab serves a small, creative breakfast menu, including great seasonal donuts, every weekend. Ingredients are sourced from local farms.
Visalia, CA

Congdon’s Doughnuts Family Restaurant & Bakery

Since 1945, Congdon's has earned a best-bet reputation for donuts and hearty breakfasts, including Maine lobster Benedict.
Wells, ME

Convenience West

Plan ahead and pick up the best brisket from Marfa’s Convenience West — and don’t forget the caramelized banana pudding.

Cops and Doughnuts

A police-themed bakery / luncheonette, Cops & Donuts offers Bubba’s Sweet & Spicy: a cake doughnut with peanut butter frosting, hot sauce and jalapeno pepper.

Cupcake Cafe

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** Come to Cupcake Café for simple pleasures: donuts, muffins, whole apple pies (double crust or streusel-topped), and – need we say it? – cupcakes. Dining at the Cupcake Café is a true New York experience. It is a tiny old storefront with wooden floor, tin ceiling, and pink paint on the walls.

Deerfield’s Bakery

Buttercream frosting on cakes and cupcakes at Deerfield's Bakery is the best anywhere in the Chicago area; for that reason alone, it's worth the trek.

DiCamillo’s Bakery

There's nothing like the smell of bread baking; you'll get a snootful if you come to DiCamillo's in Niagara Falls early in the morning. Excellent donuts, too.

District Donuts Sliders Brew

Donuts star at New Orleans' District Donuts Sliders Brew -- from simple ones to sweet/savory inventions that push the fried-dough envelope. Coffee's great, too!
New Orleans, LA

Do-Nut Dinette

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** A vintage hash house featuring good, greasy hash browns with eggs and country ham, plus extraordinary raised donuts.

Donut Crazy

A wild-and-crazy restaurant with regular cake donuts and wacky combo donuts, the most outstanding of which is crowned with maple glaze and a large amount of bacon.

Donut Man

Donut Man in Glendora on Historic Route 66 is one of the country's best donut destinations. Summer-only fresh fruit-filled donuts are truly peerless.

Donut Stop

This simple little St. Louis donut shop is famous for its great French crullers, fritters, yeast and cake donuts, and a signature item known as a cinnamon glob.
St. Louis, MO

Dottie’s Diner

Traditional farm house chicken pie is still available at Dottie's restaurant / diner, as are some of the best cake donuts in Connecticut and all of New England.
Woodbury, CT

Doughnut Vault

Quite literally a hole in the wall, the Donut Vault has attained cult status in Chicago. People wait in line for up to an hour to get their morning fix.
Chicago, IL

Earl’s Donuts

Earl’s of Chatsworth, California, crafts beautiful donuts -- raised as well as cake -- from a humble strip-mall storefront in the Valley.
Los Angeles, CA

Erick Schat’s Bakkery

Eric Schat’s Bakkery is a Disneyfied temple to Dutch baking in the Sierras: superb bear claws, crisp-skinned donuts, and creative bread loaves.
Bishop, CA

Firecakes Donuts

The donut, the whole donut, and nothing but the donut. That's what Chicago's Firecakes is all about: some of the best donuts anywhere.
Chicago, IL

Flakey Cream Do-Nuts

In upscale wine country there is still a bastion of down-to-earth diner culture at this coffee shop and donut corner. It’s a real local treasure.
Healdsburg, CA

Four Aces Diner

Worcester Diner #837 in Lebanon, New Hampshire, Four Aces serves hash house fare with a Yankee twist: big food, low prices and greasy-spoon ambiance to spare.

Friske Orchards

Friske’s Orchard's cafe offers apple brats with kraut and apple relish, a (Michigan) cherry brat, and, of course four-star apple pie.

Gibson’s Donuts

Gibson's is a friendly, high-quality, round-the-clock donut shop. Its World's Fair donuts are tasty curiosities. Red velvet and Oreo donuts are must-tries.
Memphis, TN

Glam Doll Donuts

Wild and wildly-named donuts are served with retro-urban panache at Minneapolis' Glam Doll, where interior decor includes mid-20th century dinette sets.
Minneapolis, MN

Glazed Donuts

Creative, from-scratch donuts are big and intriguingly delicious at this simple Key West storefront shop. A breakfast must for sweet tooths.
Key West, FL

Glee Donuts and Burgers

Glee Donuts and Burgers does both with gusto & with fun twists on each. You can get a simple burger, classic donut, or something utterly original.
Anaheim, CA

Good Dough

Good Dough is a Jacksonville neighborhood bakery that sets a high bar with fried chicken doughwiches and torched crème brûlée doughnuts.
Jacksonville, FL

Granny’s Gourmet Donuts

In the mood for a cheap, sweet treat? Head to this restaurant in Bozeman, Montana, for a delicious donut experience at Granny's.
Bozeman, MT

Harold’s Koffee House | Omaha Roadfood At Its Best

Harold's is a bright, happy, mid-20th century urban coffee shop with great pies, donuts, and hot breakfast: Omaha Roadfood at its best.
Omaha, NE

Hinkley Bakery

Hinkley Bakery is a popular, century old donut shop in Jackson, Michigan. Try chocolate crescents and glazed donuts, especially when they're still warm.

Hoehn’s Bakery | Best Baltimore Smearcase | Yes, Try It!

Hoehn's Bakery is home to such Baltimore favorites as seasonal peach cake, marshmallow donuts, and an unusual bakery version of smearcase.
Baltimore, MD

Hole Hot Doughnuts and Fresh Coffee

Donuts are made to order in this well-crafted image of a vintage shop where the repertoire is limited to 4 flavors daily. Locally-roasted coffee is terrific.
Asheville, NC

Holy Donut | Maine Donuts At Their Very Best | Portland Area

Mashed potatoes added to dough make the crisp-edged Holy Donut smooth and creamy. Ingredients are all-natural, varieties are inventive, taste is devastating.
Scarborough, ME

Iggy’s Doughboys And Chowder House

Iggy’s is a taste of Rhode Island, serving doughboys and chowder. Doughboys are puffy fried dough pillows that go well with seafood.

Iggy’s of Narragansett

Iggy's doughboy is a hot puff of fried dough straight from the kettle blanketed all around with a thick coat of crunchy sugar. A Rhode Island treat!
Narragansett, RI

Inn on the Gallatin

The Inn on the Gallatin is a go-to breakfast joint for the people of Montana, and should be yours as well. Dishes are killer, the staff is friendly, and the atmosphere is like no other.

Jack’s Donuts

Jack’s Donuts has been making nothing but donuts in the same building since 1961 and they haven’t changed a bit, except for expanding the number of different donuts offered. They are the only place I’ve ever found glazed chocolate yeast donuts using chocolate dough. At $10/dozen these donuts are worth a detour. They are fried … Continue reading Jack’s Donuts

Java on Sherman

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** Coeur d'Alene's favorite coffee house now serves a full breakfast menu that includes freshly made donuts and sweet potato hash. Lunch also is available.
Coeur d'Alene, ID

Julie Darling Donuts

Wild and crazy sinkers over the Tennessee River from downtown Chattanooga make Julie Darling Donuts a fun destination for those with ravenous sweet tooths.


For 25 years, Kip’s has served the best tacos in Pagosa Springs: like the Pilewski with barbacoa, chipotle, chile verde and jalapeños.

Lakeside Diner

A great little restaurant just off Connecticut's Merritt Parkway, the Lakeside Diner is famous for donuts, but is a worthy destination for pancakes, too.

Le Cave’s

Le Cave’s is a vintage Tucson bakery known for donuts. We recommend the chocolate-frosted, maple-frosted, powdered-sugar, and cinnamon-sugar varieties.
Tucson, AZ

Liliha Bakery

Liliha, a bakery/cafe famous for such island classics as malasadas and taro donuts, is best-known for its unique Coco Puff.
Honolulu, HI

Lindstrom Bakery

Lindstrom Bakery's glazed Scandinavian donut is about as close to total morning-pastry satisfaction as a fry-kettle can produce. A Minnesota best bet!

Little Red Hen Bakery

Prepare for the best breakfast in Salida at Little Red Hen Bakery and pair the warm whole-wheat cinnamon bun with a savory sausage spiral.

Meche’s Donut King

Meche's boudin kolache is an only-in-Cajun Country pastry. Top it with Creole stuffed bread, then grab some fine glazed or jelly-filled donuts for dessert.

Momma’s Kitchen

Located right in the heart of Montvale’s downtown area, Momma’s Kitchen is the Italian restaurant that this area has been longing for! Momma’s Kitchen occupies the location across from the Montvale bowling alley, formally held by 15 Grand and Eleni’s Pancake House before that. The decor has been significantly modernized since its former life as … Continue reading Momma’s Kitchen

Mrs. Murphy’s Donuts

Manchester, Vermont. Mrs. Murphy's donuts are the simplest pastries imaginable: sturdy circles with a good crunch to their skin and creamy-soft insides.

Nick’s Famous Roast Beef

A well-stacked pile of soft pink roast beef inside a giant rectangular roll studded with onion has made Nick's a north-of-Boston legend.

Nom Eez and Donut Crazy

As far as culinary mash-ups go, what could be better than wonderful Vietnamese dishes and over-the-top donuts in one Connecticut restaurant?


Nord's is a full-service bakery known especially for its great donuts, including bacon-maple long johns and buttercream-filled puffs.

Old Fashioned Donuts

The donuts you buy at Chicago's Old Fashioned likely will be warm from the dowel. We've never had a bad one; piece de resistance is an enormous apple fritter.
Chicago, IL

Olsen Bake Shop

Breads, pastries, rolls, cakes and Old World pastries are at their best in Omaha's Olsen Bake Shop. Must-eats include strudels and kolaches.
Omaha, NE

Oram’s Donut Shop

Cake donuts and cream puffs are best bets at Oram's, honey-raisin glazed on Friday. Must eat: the huge, supreme cinnamon roll.

Orangeside Luncheonette

** THIS RESTAURANT IS PERMANENTLY CLOSED ** A breakfast- and lunch-only counter in downtown New Haven, Orangeside Luncheonette serves the best chili dogs in the Nutmeg State. The spicy chili is a finely-grained meat sauce with assertive yet manageable heat. Their top-shelf donuts should not be missed as well, especially the Butter Crunch: pure donut heaven.
New Haven, CT

Parrain’s Seafood

Parrain's is a nouveau roadhouse serving Gulf-fresh fish and Creole seafood classics as well as cheap drinks and superb sides.
Baton Rouge, LA

Red Truck Rural Bakery

Outstanding baked goods such as Kentucky bourbon pecan pie, real mincemeat pie, and chocolate moonshine cake put the Red Truck Bakery on the Roadfood Honor Roll.
Marshall, VA

Ronald’s Donuts

A vegan donut shop in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ronald's excellent apple fritter is a deep-fried cinnamon bun laced with bits of apple and dipped in sweet glaze.
Las Vegas, NV

Round Rock Donuts

Texas' legendary Round Rock Donuts are more substantial than evaporative Krispy Kremes, yet not the least bit heavy like the more dunkable cake donuts.

Royal Bake Shop

Customers flock from all over Siouxland to Royal Bake Shop for utterly fresh baked goods, especially its famous Zebra Donuts.

Sheila’s Baking Co.

Hand-crafted donuts make Sheila's Baking Co. a beloved destination just across the river from Augusta, Georgia. Come early. Donut supplies sell out fast.
North Augusta, SC

SloDoCo Donuts

SloDoCo offers colorful, creative strip mall donuts. It's open all night to feed and caffeinate college students and the road weary.
San Luis Obispo, CA

Speedy Donut

Speedy Donut is a Roadfood best-bet for its egg-rich, crisp-edged crullers as well as cake donuts, twists, and fritters.
Norwalk, CT

Swan Street Diner

The Swan St. Diner is an impeccably restored 1937 Sterling diner serving best of the past hash house classics made with 21st century brio.
Buffalo, NY

Tastease Donuts

Tastease is a Hartford bakery specializing in three-inch mini donuts in all flavors and colors. The Cuban pressed sandwich is also worth a lunchtime stop.

Telway Hamburger System | Sliders In Detroit | 24/7

Telway Hamburger system is an extremely divey local gem serving sliders in Detroit and coffee all night. Locals buy burgers by the sack.
Detroit, MI

The Donut Pub

Open 'round the clock, the Donut Pub is best early in the morning when the sugar twists, chocolate rings, and toasted coconut donuts are still warm.
New York, NY

The Donut Shop

A roadside stand that boasts hot, fresh raised glazed and other creative expressions of the donut art. But the biggest draw may be Big Pappa’s hot tamales.

Top Pot Doughnuts

Even a plain old fashioned doughnut at Top Pot is a sensuous experience. Seattle's downtown location is an airy space with book-lined walls and retro décor.
Seattle, WA

Universal Doughnuts

Forget doughnuts. It is Universal Doughnuts' breakfast sandwiches that put the little urban snack shop on the DC eats map.

Voodoo Doughnut

Behold Voodoo Doughnut's bacon-maple bar -- a great all-in-one breakfast. Just one of many pastries that have made this shop in Portland, Oregon famous.
Portland, OR

Zelda’s Corner

A cozy sandwich shop just off of the Venice Beach Boardwalk, Zelda's Corner is beloved for fresh mini-donuts.
Los Angeles, CA

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