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Beer, of course, is a big deal in the city that’s been home to Blatz, Pabst Schlitz, and Miller. Artisan breweries now abound, too. Milwaukee also is proud of its creamy custard and butter burgers — Wisconsin IS the Dairy State! — as well as authentic ethnic food from around the world. It is a great corned beef city; for the ultimate in hash, Reubens, and corned beef with cabbage, the neighborhood bar called McBob’s can’t be beat. McBob’s also hosts a fabulous Friday night fish fry — a ritual that is a big deal in virtually every Milwaukee restaurant, from corner tavern to the stadium-sized Serb Hall and the Pottawatomie casino.

Milwaukee’s Most Famous Dishes

A huge hunk of puffy-crisp crusted fish is perched on a bed of thin truffled French fries

Fish & Chips

Seafood platter is loaded with fried shrimp, scallops, oysters, flounder, plus deviled crab and hushpuppies


Two smooth white scoops of frozen custard perch atop a cone


A pair of crisp-skinned pork sausages on a puddle of orange-apricot jam

Pork Dishes

Milwaukee’s Best Restaurants

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Great Milwaukee Recipes

Butter Burgers

Tender 3-layer orange-zested sponge cake, layered with custard, on fine china, boasts silky boiled frosting

Filled Sunshine Cake


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