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A jewel of a city on the Ohio River, Cincinnati once was known as the Paris of America. It is a city of distinctive architecture and art, friendly neighborhood markets and cafes, a stunning riverfront, lively public entertainment as well as major sports teams … and more chili parlors than any other place on earth. Essential Roadfood stops in Cincinnati include Camp Washington Chili Parlor for definitive 5-way; Tucker’s, a venerable neighborhood diner where hearty, from-scratch breakfast features crisp-fried slabs of the luxurious pork-and-pin-oat loaf known as goetta. Goetta at its best is made at Eckerlin Meats in the Findlay Market, which will make a sandwich of it if you request. Another notable butcher is Avril-Bleh & Sons, which sets up a charcoal grill on the sidewalk to cook its famous metts (mettwursts). For dessert, there’s no place better than Aglamesis Bros., a charming little ice cream parlor where sundaes topped with bittersweet chocolate sauce and thick whipped cream are second-to-none.

Cincinnati’s Most Famous Dishes

Sandwich holds a slab of moist, porky goetta


Cup of chili topped with cheese and chopped raw onions


Burger on a tender bun with lettuce, tomato, onion, and mayo ... car hop service

Grilled Hamburger

Cross-section of a double-decker sandwich: ham on top, roast beef and cheese below

Double-Decker Sandwich

Great Cincinnati Recipes

Cincinnati Chili

Cincinnati’s Best Restaurants

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