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On the square since 1926, Zip’s Cafe hand-patties wonderful cheeseburgers and makes chili that is not typical Cincinnati-style, but rather a bowl of meat and beans in a vivid tomato emulsion, served with sour cream and shredded cheese.

The community of Mt. Lookout is a rare gem, especially within the city of Cincinnati. Amongst all of the fancy cosmopolitan restaurants is this nice little place called Zip’s. It has been on the square since 1926.

What should I eat at Zip’s Cafe?

It is no surprise that the “fare of the tavern” is simple, yet unique and memorable. The most popular item is the Zip Burger, which is more-or-less a regular cheeseburger with all the fixings. But what sets it apart and makes it so good is the freshness of the meat, and of course, the TLC that goes into making it. You can even see the handmade shape in the beef patty.

We truly feel that the Zip Burger is on my top ten list of best burgers. Yet another hallmark of Zip’s is their chili. Yes, this is in Cincinnati, but their chili is NOT Cincinnati-style chili (albeit one could argue that theirs is a tad better!). Their chili has a strong tomato base, a fair amount of beans, and a slight sweetness. Sour cream and cheese are offered as well, but eating the chili plain is a special treat in itself.

So if you find yourself passing through Cincinnati, eat at Zip’s. It is a Roadfood treat! Only look at a map first, as Cincinnati can be confusing to navigate.

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