9 Places to Go For Great Soft-Serve


Great Soft Serve

There is so much inferior soft-serve ice cream (aerated, chemically-flavored), that soft-serve in general has a bad reputation among ice cream lovers. But there are exceptions, soft-serve can be great! Whether authentic custard (containing egg yolks) or not, the soft-serve at these colorful Roadfood favorites is worth a detour.

  • Surrounded by orchards, Peaches ‘n’ Such uses it’s fresh produce to craft unbelievable homemade peach and strawberry ice cream that makes this restaurant worth any drive. They also offer an excellent peach cobbler that is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of their peach flavored ice cream.
  • Scrounging old machines for parts is the only way Felix Lechner is able to keep making his ice cream the same way at Ridgefield Ice Cream Shop. We sure are thankful that he does because this independent ice cream parlor sells some of the best soft serve we have ever had.
  • North Hadley Sugar Shack begins with normal soft serve ice cream and then infuses it with maple flavoring to create, you guessed it, maple ice cream. As great as it is on a cone, it can be made even better when topped with maple syrup, whipped cream, walnuts and a maraschino cherry to form a maple-nut sundae.
  • Located in the northwestern part of New York, Anderson’s Frozen Custard uses a higher egg content then most when creating their ice cream. Offering the classic flavors of chocolate, vanilla and swirl year round, they also have a flavor of the day that is located on their website and seasonal flavors such as eggnog and rum.
  • During World War II, Strictland’s devised a way to make custard without eggs, even though the inclusion of eggs is what defines custard. Eggs or no eggs, the soft serve offered here is fantastic. Flavors range from classics such as chocolate and vanilla to the flavor of the day, dulce de leche for example. They also offer sundaes and banana splits.
  • Putz’s Creamy Whip has been around for such a long time that it got a street named after it. If you ever happen to find yourself driving down Putz Place, make sure you pull over for a scoop of ice cream or two. Expertly made, the ice cream served at Putz’s is presented in a variety of ways, from sundaes to cones to extra-thick milk shakes, there is no reason not to stop at Putz’s.
  • With neon lights lining the edges of the roof, Leon’s is definitely an old-fashioned drive-in ice cream parlor. Serving egg-rich custard, their flavors include chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and more. Toasted pecan halves are the perfect topping for someone looking to add some crunch and salt to their ice cream.
  • Although burgers are offered at Kopp’s Custard, pass over that section of the menu and go straight to the custard. The “Kopp’s Special” is a one of a kind sundae that comes topped with pineapple and raspberry sauces, sliced bananas, hot fudge, toasted pecans and a cherry.
  • The signature dish offered at Ted Drewes is called concrete. Invented in 1959, concrete is simply a milk shake without the milk, just custard and flavoring. So thick that it is necessary to eat with a spoon, this signature dish keeps both the Ted Drewes locations busy all summer long.

Ridgefield Ice Cream Shop

Connecticut's Ridgefield Ice Cream Shop makes the best soft serve ice cream. And a full menu of sundaes, milk shakes and ice cream cakes. No indoor seats.


North Hadley Sugar Shack

Sugaring-season breakfast, summer maple ice cream, and wintertime Christmas trees make the North Hadley Sugar Shack a nearly year-round country destination.


Anderson’s Frozen Custard

Year-around, Anderson's serves superb custard that is soft and creamy and rich. No indoor seating at this location in Buffalo.

Must Eats


Strickland's custard is dense, thick and full-flavored, a Midwest best in Akron, Ohio. Plain chocolate and vanilla are both superb, as is the turtle sundae.

Must Eats

Putz’s Creamy Whip

Putz’s is a drive-in with a menu of hot dogs, burgers, and BBQ, but it’s soft-serve ice cream that makes it a Cincinnati, Ohio destination restaurant.



A neon-edged fun ride for anybody who loves the profound goodness of Wisconsin custard, Leon's is a 1942 vintage Milwaukee favorite.


Kopp’s Custard

Milwaukee is a city of excellent custard, and Kopp’s is one of the top purveyors, offering a unique flavor every day. Precede it with a butter burger.


Ted Drewes

Ted Drewes’ frozen custard, a Roadfood legend of St. Louis, Missouri, is fresh, pure and tons of fun. Must-eat: a concrete milk shake, thicker than thick.