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Leon’s is an old-fashioned drive-in that is a neon-edged fun ride for anybody with a sweet tooth and an appreciation for the profound goodness of custard.

Custard looks like soft-serve ice cream and the broadest definition of frozen desserts might lump the two together. But as Leon’s makes it, there is virtually no similarity to the wan soft-serve available in national chains outside of America’s dairyland. And to compare it to the sort of ice cream that you buy by the pint in grocery stores – even the superpremium brands – is like comparing vintage Burgundy to screw-top wine. This custard is egg-rich, smooth as alabaster, sweet but not cloying, and uncomplicated. No mix-ins, no silly names for flavors, no cookie dough or brownie chunks. Choose vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or butter pecan. Have it in a cone or cup. Or have a sundae topped with sauce of your choice and some of the most delicious toasted nuts on the planet: pecan halves that have a wicked crunch, a salty punch, and an earthy flavor that only helps accentuate the heavenly clarity of the superior custard itself.

Dining facilities at Leon’s are limited to a few chest-high counters around the side of the drive-in. Most customers eat standing up or sitting in their parked cars.

What to Eat
Leon’s, Custard
Vanilla & chocolate custard. Unimprovable.
Leon’s, Super Sundae
Super Sundae
A Leon's 'Super Sundae,' topped with caramel and garnished with the crispest nuts in town.
Leon’s, Raspberry Custard
Raspberry Custard
This cone features long, elegant swirls of the delicious raspberry custard.
Directions and Hours
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Open Year Round
Meals Served
Dessert, Late Night
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Alcohol Served
Outdoor Seating

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