Review by: Michael Stern

Leon’s is an old-fashioned drive-in that is a neon-edged fun ride for anybody with a sweet tooth and an appreciation for the profound goodness of custard.

Custard looks like soft-serve ice cream and the broadest definition of frozen desserts might lump the two together. But as Leon’s makes it, there is virtually no similarity to the wan soft-serve available in national chains outside of America’s dairyland. And to compare it to the sort of ice cream that you buy by the pint in grocery stores – even the superpremium brands – is like comparing vintage Burgundy to screw-top wine. This custard is egg-rich, smooth as alabaster, sweet but not cloying, and uncomplicated. No mix-ins, no silly names for flavors, no cookie dough or brownie chunks. Choose vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, or butter pecan. Have it in a cone or cup. Or have a sundae topped with sauce of your choice and some of the most delicious toasted nuts on the planet: pecan halves that have a wicked crunch, a salty punch, and an earthy flavor that only helps accentuate the heavenly clarity of the superior custard itself.

Dining facilities at Leon’s are limited to a few chest-high counters around the side of the drive-in. Most customers eat standing up or sitting in their parked cars.

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Super Sundae

Raspberry Custard


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